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Mix feeding.

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staryeyed Mon 09-Nov-09 11:45:37

Ds is 6 months old and I managed to get him to take a bottle last week (had a course to go to. I did want to stop bfing but now the pressure is off I don't mind continuing both breast and bottle. Ds2 obviously prefers breast and Im not sure how I should be doing this practically when to give the bottle and when to give breast as Im confusing poor DS2. Any advice experience?

ChocOrange05 Mon 09-Nov-09 12:32:49


I mixed fed from when DS was 6 weeks old, since then his pre-bedtime drinks have always been bottle and the other times in the day were BF. I found if I tried to give DS a bottle at other times of the day he would flat out refuse but if they were the same times he was fine (apart from the odd bottle refusing at 4/5mo)

When DS went to the childminders at 9mo he was fine having his daytime feeds (apart from morning) as a bottle and since going back to work the few times I have had to travel overnight he has taken his morning feed in a bottle from DH (this is still a BF) but this didn't happen until he was 10mo (he's 1 tomorrow).

Are you able to make certain feeds bottles and others BF to give him some consistency? Otherwise maybe if your DH/partner always gives a bottle that might make a distinction between you = breast, DH = bottle??


staryeyed Mon 09-Nov-09 18:00:40

Thanks. I was making it night time breast, day time bottle but I messed that up the other day when he was really trying and his bottle wasn't ready. Now he tries for breast all day long. I suppose night and day would be a good pattern to adopt assuming that maintains my milk supply

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