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Biological nurturing approach to bf

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pigletmania Mon 09-Nov-09 11:15:18

I am expecting dc2 in July and would love to bf for a long time this time round so i telephoned the NCT bf helpline. The lady was so helpful and talked about biological nurturing approach which is baby and mother focused seems very close to nature instead of the usual upright positions. I feel more positive and empowered than i did before after speaking to her. what are your experiences or views on Biological nurturing, it makes sense really imo.P

Reallytired Mon 09-Nov-09 11:59:53

Biological nuturing is a lovely position for night feeds. It is also good for a newborn because newborns have weak neck muscles.

You might also be interested in breast crawl as a way of initating breastfeeding. The great advantage for a first time mum is that the baby latches themselves on the breat and a tired mum does not have to think. There is less need to support the baby's head. It is amazing watching a newborn head bobbing up and down as it crawls towards the breast. You have to be patient with breast crawl as it can take up to 20 minutes for a newborn to find the breast.

Biological nuturing is a bit like breast crawl and this website has more information.

I used the position with my daughter and I found it was a good way of her having tummy time without getting distressed.

pigletmania Mon 09-Nov-09 12:03:52

Thanks reallytired how does it work in hospital when you are on the maternity ward, can you still do it then on a hospital bed? Sorry for my ignorance, i feel quiete happy with this approach as it seems more relaxed for mum and baby and more natural.

Reallytired Mon 09-Nov-09 18:55:24

My daughter was born at home but I'm sure it could work in a hospital. On the postnatal ward they more or less leave you to it unless you are struggling. If you want to do the breast crawl after the birth then I think you would need to put it in your birth plan.

ChocOrange05 Mon 09-Nov-09 19:26:37

This sounds like a really nice and natural approach. At 12mo DS does this "find the breast yourself" trick, when I expose it he crawls like a madman across the bed and lunges at it and unless I can get him to lie down first he BF's on all fours! grin

SofaKingLoud Mon 09-Nov-09 19:54:05

I had my DS2 in hospital and had an elective CS.

I used the breast crawl to initiate BFing. I had an independent midwife though and she really helped me with this (she hovered near him so I felt confident he wouldn't fall off the bed).

I think there are some stats that show if BFing is initiated like this then it is more likely to be successful. But I'm not sure how reliable these are.

Either way it was a lovely experience.

The hospital midwife just looked a bit bemused!

pigletmania Mon 09-Nov-09 23:13:23

i will certainly give it a try. When i was pg with dd the MW did not ask me for a birth plan and was quite unhelpful really. i will have to say for this time round, just sounds more relaxed and natural tbh.

I sort of planned to do breast crawl last time around. However, as I'd had GD during pregnancy it was important to get breastfeeding established early so I wound up scooping up DD into a more conventional position fairly soon (which wasn't a problem and she took to it fine). If we have a DC3, and if I manage to avoid GD, then I would probably go for breast crawl properly.

DD is 19 months and can certainly do a breast crawl, or breast assault course if necessary, now...

Taramuddle Mon 09-Nov-09 23:35:48

My cousin used it with her baby & it has been a great success. I bf dd until she was 2.5 & am currently bfing ds now aged 8 months but I'd never heard of biological nurturing until recently. Might try it with dc3 if I do for having dc3 that is!

mawbroon Mon 09-Nov-09 23:43:02

I showed my sister how to do this when her dd was born 6 months ago. She then adapted it to a sitting position where she allowed her dd to latch on by herself.

It worked like a dream for them, and I don't think she's even had as much as a sore nipple.

I didn't know about it when I had ds, but when ds2 arrives in Feb, then we will be going for it.

Congrats on your pregnancy pigletmania.

pigletmania Tue 10-Nov-09 08:46:12

Thanks mawbroon how are you doing these days grin, do you know if your having a boy/girl. I telephoned the NCT bf helpline and doing more research this time round, last time i did not and thought that it would be simple as popping baby on. Can this still be done if the mum has a c section. I am really keen to try this and will be practising beforehand. i do have a hugababy sling that i need to work out how to use, i bought it off e bay when i had dd who was 10 months at the time but as she was not used to it, did not work. I would love bf to by a success and mabey a more natural approach is best. The bf counsellor said that MIdwifes are beginning to use bf baby growth charts and not bottle fed babies, the more i spoke to her the more i was angry as i was doing alright without the interferrence of the MW and HP. This time i plan to have just my dh, and dd at our house and mabey my mum to look after dd whilst iam in hospital then she will leave us to it as she lives not too far.

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