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Taking spirulina whilst breastfeeding

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Bobo23 Sun 08-Nov-09 19:00:37


I'm feeding 10 month old DS - usually about 4 x a day; more when he's poorly or teething. I am knackerado right now and I've found Spirulina a really effective tonic in the past so I'd love to take it again.

Cosmic hippy websites seem to say its fine to have when bf-ing but 'official' governmental sites say stuff like this: "In mice, diets containing up to 30% spirulina are not reported to cause harmful effects to either the mother or the offspring. However, reliable human studies addressing safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding are not available" hmm

Kellymom says its safe for babies but doesn't mention mums taking it.

Anybody have any experience or actual science to offer on the subject? If it does turn out its safe I'll try taking it and report back on whether it's helped!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 09-Nov-09 06:34:27

If it's safe for your baby to have directly (and, as you say, he's 10 months old), I think it's safe for you to have it. Maybe it will come through in your milk (but I doubt it, few things do), but if so, so what?

I've not used spirulina, but it's just a foodstuff, isn't it? And it won't be anywhere near 30% of your diet, right?

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