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Just found out i am pregnancy with dc and determined to bf successfully this time where do i go for advice

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pigletmania Sun 08-Nov-09 13:54:31

Can anybody help me, i have just found that i am expecting dc2 and would like to bf successfully this time round. What do i do? The NHS for bf in my area is not very good and they did nothing to help me to continue. Do i telephone the NCH or LLL, are bf counsellors free? I am on a bit of a budget so cannot afford to spend lots of money. Help grin. Thankgoodness i have found MN this time round.

lovelymama Sun 08-Nov-09 14:04:15

Good work Piglet! The NHS didn't help me much either but then I asked my midwife if we had a breast feeding counsellor and turns out we did - she just wasn't that well advertised. She showed me how to feed and spent an hour with me practising latching on correctly - surely the hardest part of breastfeeding! So that's a good place to start but definitely talk to your local NCT. They are a charity so if you can't afford to join the classes I'm sure there's the option to go along to the local Breast feeding club - go on their website and find your local group. Finally, I've heard good things about LLL but haven't used them. Pretty sure they are free though.

If you are determined to breast feed, you're 95% there and I really hope you get on well with it. I struggled for the first 10 days (very painful nipples, mastitis, therefore antibiotics, painful boobs) but this does end and eventually you just get on with it and it feels natural. Get through those first weeks with as much support as you can and all will turn out well.

The very best of luck to you

pigletmania Sun 08-Nov-09 14:07:17

Thanks lovelymamma will give them a call and find out.

Oblomov Sun 08-Nov-09 15:03:59

Congratulations Piglet. I had the same. Gave up too early with ds1. Made sure I didn't with ds2.
They have a great bf clinic at my local hospital, with a great counsellor, but it is not well advertised.
Plus there are bf coffee shops etc. I never went to one, but bet they are good.
But I think if, as you and I did, make up your mind, you are half way there.

pigletmania Sun 08-Nov-09 16:56:58

thanks oblomov, i will ask MW if there is a bf clinic or counsellors on the NHS or call LLL.

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