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moonbird Sun 08-Nov-09 10:37:30

Hi, my DD2 is two weeks today. She has been breast feeding really well and lost less than an ounze in her first weigh in with midwife. However from day nine she started bring up more milk and it looked like it was all her feed. I then saw the health visitor on day 11 and she said it was too early to say if it is reflux. She has since continued to bring up her feeds and I am getting very upset about this. I have since reduced her feeding times and am keeping her upright for around 30 minutes after each feed, but still bringing milk up. Her breathing has also become quite coarse, sounding like she has a cold. (saw a doctor yesterday about thrush and he said her chest is clear) She also has thrush in her mouth.
Basically does this sound like reflux or would the thrush be causing her to bring up feeds?
Advice please!

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 12:05:46

Sounds like it may be reflux...but alternatively, you could just be making very nice milk and your DD2 takes a bit too much than she should cause she likes ;)
Unless it's out and out projectile vomiting and she is still gaining weight nicely, then for now, don't worry about it and just make sure you have plenty of cloths handy for the inevitable sickness!
If she starts to change though i.e. losing weight, unresponsive, floppy, projectile vomiting then don't even wait around for the HV and get her to a GP ASAP.
All three of my youngest children had reflux, we looked at positioning, amount, frequency, type of milk when we did FF but it just turned out all of them had reflux. It was a bit more serious in DD2, because it was constant sickiness and it caused her so much pain. She was put on baby gaviscon and that gave a very temporary relief, but you probably aren't even vaguely near that stage yet
Keep persevering hun, and try not to let it upset you too much

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 12:06:20

p.s Congrats on your baby -

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