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8 week old very unsettled after early morning feeds

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naturelover Sun 08-Nov-09 09:00:52

DS is 8 weeks old and I know this is still early days. He is fully breastfed.

He tends to wake to feed at midnight or so, then 3 or 4am. The problem is that after the 3 or 4am feed he's very unsettled, and seems to be trying to poo but never manages to during the night. I've tried tummy massage, cycling his legs a bit, holding him in different positions and massaging his back - to no avail.

Another issue is his stuffy nose, which makes him gulp a lot of air during night feeds, which obviously doesn't help with his uncomfortable tummy. For the stuffy nose we're using saline drops then one of those suctions things to clear his nose. Sometimes helps but not always.

Anyway if you have any tips at all I'd be grateful. I'm not really getting any sleep after 4am or so, and nor is DD and DH. DS's crying wakes everyone.


blue22 Sun 08-Nov-09 10:19:20

Hi, you poor thing. I had exactly the same with DD - 7 weeks, and found that making the bathroom nice and steamy, then feeding her in there before bed really helped her stuffy nose. Also using that boots baby vicks worked as well. Also having basket a bit upright - 2 books under top end helped mucus.

She is also unsettled after her 3am feed, but if I walk/jog her, she usually falls asleep and then I can put her back down. She sometimes acts a bit windy in her sleep but if I gently press her tummy she seems to go back to sleep. If it's really bad (and it was last night) I let her go to sleep on me, then when she's really deeply asleep (after about 40 mins) she goes back in her basket without a peep.

naturelover Mon 09-Nov-09 11:48:19

Thanks blue22, I will try those tips out.

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