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Snacking throughout night-I feel like I'm being tortured

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roslily Sun 08-Nov-09 05:45:20

My ds is 9 weeks old. He has been FF since 5 weeks. He had gradually started to spread his feeds out to 3 hours (i feed on demand) however now it is every 2 hours or less. I have tried different shooting techniques, but he screams until I feed him.

Sometimes he will only take 2oz- especially in night. No matter how much winding and reoffering bottle he refuses any more, but then wants some an hour and half later.

This is killing me I am so tired- is this normal? Should I try and make him feed more? Often he is sick, and more so if he takes whole 5 oz.

MrsTittleMouse Sun 08-Nov-09 07:06:47

I don't have any constructive advice as I didn't FF, but I do well remember those early weeks. When things got worse after the initial 6 weeks I felt particularly cheated. It is so difficult and I remember feeling that it would never end.

Anyway, you have my complete sympathy, and I hope you get some rest very soon.

Jojay Sun 08-Nov-09 07:17:38

Hi Roslily - yes, it is normal, sorry.

I know it's exhausting but their stomachs are tiny and you say he's sick if he takes too much in one go, so don't try to get him to take more.

At this age, it's less about trying to change their behaviour and more about finding coping mechanisms for you.

Can someone else do the nightfeeds one night a week so you can get a break?

Can someone else do the late evening feeds so you can get an early night and a few hours of unbroken sleep before midnight?

Can you rest in the daytime with the baby does?

I know it doesn't feel like it now, but when everyone says that it WILL get better and these early weeks pass very quickly, it's true!!

Best of luck and look after yourself smile

Jojay Sun 08-Nov-09 07:18:24

And could you use ready made formula at night to save the faff of powders, kettles etc?

Longtalljosie Sun 08-Nov-09 07:54:16

But are we really saying that Roslilly's DS can only take 2oz comfortably at 9 weeks? I find that surprising... At 9 weeks my DD was taking 6/7 fl oz of EBM - thickened with Gaviscon - in her midnight feed... I know BM is different, but surely in terms of volume accepted by the stomach, it can't be that different?

roslily Sun 08-Nov-09 09:08:41

Thanks. I am concerned by 2oz- I think that he should be taking at least 4. He has suspected reflux, so will be sick no matter how much he has. The doctor won't give me anything other than gaviscon, but that makes him constipated so I have stopped giving it

I know it will pass (and will try not to count down the weeks!).

Night feeds- no, my husband works and has ME so can't/won't do them (crap I know, but i do not have the energy to fight it at the moment) My family all live at least 200 miles away.

He will often only sleep for 30_40mins at a time during day, I am trying everything to increase this. Sometimes he will do more, but as it is a fluke I am not used ot it so don't sleep, and just wait for him to wake up!!

I will try and ride it out then I supppose.

Longtalljosie Sun 08-Nov-09 16:43:16

Hello again Roslily, I remember you from the old reflux thread. DD's doing really well on Ranitidine. Could you not see another GP? Reflux is such hard work, and the constipation's awful as well.

What time does your DH go to bed? Could you not go to bed early and have him do one before his usual bedtime?

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