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Constantly chewing fists- is he really hungry?

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roslily Fri 06-Nov-09 18:35:54

My ds is 9 weeks old, FF on demand. he goes roughly 2-3 hours between feeds.

The last few days he has started chewing his fists all day! He seems happy on it, not whingey or anything. Is he hungry still?

He is having 4-6oz and weighs 12lb 9oz.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 06-Nov-09 18:37:20

He has probably found his fists and worked out how to get them to his mouth and keep them there. It's like having a new toy!

clairechurcher Thu 12-Nov-09 22:13:09

my 11 week old does the same but as you say, she seems happy enough!

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