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Anyone seen the Daily Mail Baby Blog?

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BeehiveBaby Thu 05-Nov-09 17:35:08


So like so many threads on here...hope it goes her way. No response to the advice to get a BFing counsellor on the case though.

belgo Thu 05-Nov-09 17:43:19

I've seen this, in fact I posted to advise her to get a bfing counsellor and babymoon (I posted yesterday).

Obviously totally ignored this advise as the next day she goes to a bfing café and then to the supermarket.

It's very frustrating reading it, knowing her bfing problems could probably be solved if she got the right help.

BeehiveBaby Thu 05-Nov-09 17:53:47

It is very frustrating, particularly given the publication.

I trained as a peer supporter but am a bit hmm about Baby Cafes' usefulness immediately following birth. Would be nice to see more bumps at them though.

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