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How much sick is normal for a 6 month old? Reflux? Food allergy?

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Ocelot Thu 05-Nov-09 15:36:05

My six month old DS has days, usually several in a row, when he is really sick - often what seems like an entire feed. He's suffered with his stomach since he was tiny, I thought he had silent reflux as he wasn't really sick but was screaming, rigid, arching back etc. He often seems in discomfort and wakes a lot in the night with wind. He's breastfed so I tried cutting dairy, soya, gluten etc etc out of my diet and keeping a food diary but it wasn't clear what was causing the problem and he seemed to get a bit better at about 4 months.
Anyway, now he has days when he's fine and days/weeks when he is sick several times after each feed - a big mouthful at a time. Does this sound normal to anyone? Is this reflux?
(been to GP but no help whatsoever)

Fitzy72 Thu 05-Nov-09 15:46:41

sounds like my DS and he had reflux and lactose intolerance. the worst food was yogurt.
gaviscon and removing all lactose from diet stopped vomiting immediately.
my gp was no help either - gave gaviscon for reflux but said that lactose intolerance was too hard to prove so young.

Ocelot Thu 05-Nov-09 15:58:19

Thanks for this. I didn't find gaviscon that helpful, but perhaps I'll try again. Did you remove lactose from your diet or his - sorry if that sounds really stupid - I just mean was it when he was bf (if he was) or when he was on solids?

KatherineHepburn Thu 05-Nov-09 20:05:51

Hi Ocelot,

Is your ds teething?

I ask as I just posted on the baby health board to find out about any links between vomiting and teething.

We have delightful projectile vomiting right now and I think that it may be linked. Google it and loads of sites say that they are not linked. However, there are so many people asking the same question it is rather curious.

Anyway, just an idea. Hope he feels better soon.

Ocelot Fri 06-Nov-09 09:35:07

That's interesting. He certainly was teething when the latest bout of voming started. So it could have triggered it off I suppose. I'll check out the other post. Thanks

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