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I object to promotion of breastfeeding friendly schemes

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Babieseverywhere Thu 05-Nov-09 08:54:44

I have been reading this thread and the related website.

I understand that this group has great aims and is/will be helpful to many breastfeeding mothers but I don't like "breastfeeding friendly schemes"

I just think that in asking permission for something we already have a legal right to do, is setting a dangerous precedent. Some cafes/shops might feel having said no to the scheme that they have some right to hassle nursing mothers (which they don't)

I worry that by having safe ghettos areas where breastfeeding is allowed, may cause more problems for mothers who wish to feed where needed and don't wish to be shut away

Surely we should be pushing the law to protect all mothers from feeding their babies in any safe location. My rule of thumb if a baby can be safely bottle fed somewhere, it follows that this is also a suitable place to breastfeed.

I am going to x-post this in AIBU to get a cross section of views.

Babieseverywhere Thu 05-Nov-09 11:50:01

The other thread is here

slushy06 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:17:39

I agree and think they would be better off building a breastfeeding room that sits a few in shopping centers for women who do feel uncomfortable to be able to go somewhere whose only purpose is feeding and anyone in there will also be feeding.

As when I felt uncomfortable bf in public it was not just staff I worried about but other customers saying comments too.

I also agree that it might give people the belief that they can say no to bf mothers.

1stMrsF Thu 05-Nov-09 16:36:56

Doesn't such a thing already exist anyway?

1stMrsF Thu 05-Nov-09 16:37:16

cfc Thu 05-Nov-09 17:11:39

I think anything that makes a reluctant bf mother feel happier about getting out of the house is a good thing.

I am very well and able to tell someone where to go if asked to move, however, at the moment my son is going through a distractible phase and I would appreciate an area such as this.

I use mothercare's room now, just until he settles down. Then I'll go back to feeding wherever I want.

I think the bounty pack (of shit) you get in hospital should have a leaflet in there with ideas on how to bf in public and informing women of their rights.

Argh! Gotta go, baby anxious for supper I think! Interesting topic though.

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