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Colic (I think) in BF baby - any advice?

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milkmummy1 Wed 04-Nov-09 17:57:55

I am bfeeding my 4 week old. she is content in the day but it the evenings she seems fractious and unsettled. Not lots of crying and screaming but looks in pain when she is on the breast and pulls away in a frustrated manner. she is difficult to settle until about 11pm when she eventually goes off to sleep (and is fine during the night thank god!) A friend mentioned colic and that it is probably caused by my diet. have been eating thigns i normally do including spicy food and onions. is it a good idea to cut these out? I gave her infacol yesterday but it didnt seem to help and the first time I tried it she was sick. is there anything anyone has tried which actually works?

Hulla Wed 04-Nov-09 19:35:53

My dd had awful colic milkmummy1, I really do sympathise. It's hell but it gets better. I never found a link between what I ate or didn't eat. We used infacol too, you have to use it before every feed (which is a pita in the middle of the night). It definately helped with her wind though so stick with it.

Do you have a sling? I used to carry dd in that (still do actually). Eventually we took her for cranial osteopathy which really made a difference but wasn't an absolute cure.

Sorry for such waffle, just about to settle dd for bed. I'll check back later.

DrCosyTiger Wed 04-Nov-09 21:37:58

Hi Milkmummy, I had exactly tbe same with DD, now 7.5m. It's awful isn't it? I know it feels never ending but it will pass. I didn't find changing my diet to make any difference either. Things that helped a bit: infacol before every feed (it took a while), sometimes just offering the breast continually(when DD eventually did feed she sometimes felt better - I think a lot of the time she was hungry), taking her out in the pram when it all got too much - pretty much guaranteed to send her to sleep in the early days (and didn't affect her nighttime sleep), bicycle movements with her legs. I never managed to use a sling - hurt my back too much - but I know it has helped others. However bad it gets, hang on to the fact that you are not alone, you are not doing anything "wrong" and it will pass.

Hulla Thu 05-Nov-09 08:22:09

How was last night Milkmummy?

I thought last night of something my dd liked which was the tiger hold (found link to pic on mumsnet.

If she didn't want to nurse, I used to take my dd into a quiet room with the light off and rock and sing to her (think its how I lost the baby weight!). I think the singing was for me really because you can feel like you're losing your mind a bit with colic.

I hope you had a better night. Like DrCosy says, you're not alone and it will pass.

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