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just getting over mastitis - how can avoid getting it again?

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fairylights Wed 04-Nov-09 12:03:04

my dd is nearly 3 months and bf has not been a the breeze it was with my ds. This time we have had long battles with cracked nipples etc.. which were prety much sorted with the help of jelonet but then suddenly on monday i came down with mastitis - isn't it horrific?!
Think it was probably caused by my being run down with a virus + carrying her for a long time in a sling at a party on sunday which squashed my boobs too much..?
Anyway, I got antibiotics and feel loads better today but am just dreading the next few months in case i get it again/cracked nipples return.
I have seen a great bf counsellor who did help with getting a better latch but just thought the MN collective might have some good tips..

Undercovamutha Wed 04-Nov-09 14:19:03

IME it is crucial to make sure you are feeding very REGULARLY. My DS slept a lot and I ended up getting mastitits 3 times cos he was just so disinterested in feeding. In the end I had to wake him up at 3 hour intervals throughout the night sad.

fairylights Thu 05-Nov-09 20:32:22


CoonRapids Thu 05-Nov-09 21:30:47

Hi fairylights, sorry to hear about your mastitis. I'm having similar problems too with DS now 11 wks. Bf is not going as well as it did last time with dd. I was quite shocked to find that I was having problems as thought I was an expert having fed dd for 14 months with no problems!! (Obviously not).

Here's what's happened with me. Started a month or so ago with a blocked duct. I cleared it but keeps coming back. Then last couple of weeks, intermittent blocked ducts, red patches on boob and white spot on nipple. Now have burning sensation in that breast and the nipple is cracked around where the white spot is.. .

The things I'm trying are taking baby off and relatching if latch isn't wide enough. Trying to make sure the boob is emptied before switching sides. Feeding in different positions. Have tried rugby hold but find that a bit tricky. Hot baths and hot water bottles and massaging any blocked ducts. Nipple cream for the soreness. I think my next step is a bf counsellor but it's hard to find time to go what with having 3 DCs....

Sputnik Thu 05-Nov-09 22:32:48

Yes feeding regularly is the key really. I also had more blcked ducts and mastitis with DC2. I managed to clear blocked ducts and mastitis by massaging, hot baths, combing and, most of all, marathon feeding sessions, without resorting to ABs.

CoonRapids your post rang a bell with me when you mentioned the burning sensation - this was exactly what happenned to me and turned out to be thrush, which can cause repeated blocked ducts. I got rid of that by doing a fairly radical anti-candida diet that cuts out all sugar and a fair amout of carbohydrates, it reay worked, just google anti candida diet if you want to know more.

Soe good leaflets on astitis and thrush here

Jools78 Fri 06-Nov-09 13:03:58

CoonRapids how is it going? I have a blocked duct I can't shift... Had it for close to 2 weeks now and on ABs as got mastitis... Just tried massaging with fennel oil in a carrier oil which made combing and masaging much easier... I hear a grated potato poultice is supposed to help?! But I don't exactly know what that means...

CoonRapids Fri 06-Nov-09 21:27:50

Jools, actually it is a bit better today thanks. The white spot looks more like just a patch of damaged skin now and haven't got any lumpiness or redness. Still hurts when DS latches on initially and am going to keep a watchful eye on how he's latching. Sorry to hear about your blocked duct and mastitis.

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