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Going to start expressing and have a couple of questions!

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Skillbo Mon 02-Nov-09 20:54:16


I am going back to work in January and I know thats ages away but am hoping to start pumping in the next couple of days so I can begin to stock up a supply.

Hope these don't come across as really stupid..

1. If you take the bottles out of the steriliser and don't do anything with them, do they remain sterile until you use them?

2. DD will be 7 months, so will about 20 ozs be ok to see her through my 8 hour day (I will hopefully still be feeding her in the morning and once I get home about 4pm)

3. Can I put the pump (manual) in and out of the steriliser throughout the course of the day as the fluid is good for 24 hours?

4. I believe I can use the same bottle to top up over the course of the day whislt sterilising the pump after every use - is this right?

5. I want to stockpile in he freezer so am going to get some bags. My pump sits directly onto the bottle so am I ok to just pour from one to the other?

I think thats it - any advice would be much much much appreciated.

jetgirl Mon 02-Nov-09 21:04:52

1. No. If it's a cold water steriliser they stay sterile in the solution for 24 hours. Not sure about electric ones as I didn't use one but I think you have to fill them straight away.

2. Only you can judge amount. My DD had about 8oz a day, but my DS hated the bottle and only ever had about 4 oz when I was at work! He waited until I got to nersery then would feed from me there and then.

3. Yes. Wash it first though.

4. Yes again.

5. I always poured one to another, never checked whether it was right though!

I never expressed at work partly because I never felt comfortable doing it so I waited untel I got home and fed and pumped at the same time. If you can express at work though it helps. (leaking in front of a class of 30 teenagers is not a great look grin)

Good luck!

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