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When does Breast Milk go???

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looby1 Thu 16-Jun-05 10:03:48


I stopped breast feeding my youngest son when he was 10mths old, hes now 2yrs 8mths and i still have what i would call 'fore milk'.

Is this normal? When will it go? Anybody any ideas pleeeeeease?!

moondog Thu 16-Jun-05 10:06:06

Read an account of a woman who had been a wet nurse for years and could still squeeze out a drop or two in her 70s lol!!!

I could get a bit out for a few months after stopping. Are you squeezing,or is it just dripping?
(God,what a qwuestion !)

starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 10:13:32

i tried to bf but she wouldnt take it. she is now 8 weeks and when im in the bath or feeding her it dripps or soaks my top is this normal (sorry to hijak ur thread but was just wandering)

looby1 Thu 16-Jun-05 12:44:47

moondog - if i squeeze it still sprays out ( i cant believe im writting this~!!!) and if it does drip its not enough to notice on my clothes

starshaker - this would happen to me to, but i fed for 10mths. With ds 1 who is now 7 he wouldnt take either, and i think by 8 wks my milk had gone completely

moondog Thu 16-Jun-05 22:18:08

Bumping for looby.

QueenEagle Thu 16-Jun-05 22:24:03

I stopped bf-ing ds4 at 9 weeks. He is now 6mths and up til about a month ago, I would leak a couple of drops when dh aroused me.

marthamoo Thu 16-Jun-05 22:24:57

I could still squeeze a drop out about a year after stopping bf-ing. I think it's perfectly normal.

chipmonkey Fri 17-Jun-05 14:06:27

I think it never really goes, I could always squeeze a bit out years later and when ds3 was born prem it was a godsend, I produced loads more than he needed, he's now nearly 6 months and I've just finished using the frozen EBM from that time.

bobbybob Sun 19-Jun-05 02:42:56

looby - you have to stop squeezing if you want it to go - supply and demand and all that.

wysiwyg Thu 23-Jun-05 23:41:25

Same for me - could still squeeze a few drops about 4 years after stopping!!!!! I read somewhere that once you have breastfed you can get your milk supply going again even if you adopt a baby. (I guess that's what wet nurses (and cows!) do)
So don't squeeze

Catsmother Fri 24-Jun-05 00:40:03

Stopped feeding 5 months ago but still occasionally notice I've leaked, if I'm wearing a thin cotton dressing gown for example and nothing else. Guess that means I'm probably leaking a little at other times, but obviously not enough to notice thank goodness. I did use to have to wear breast pads right up until stopping though.

More disconcerting and sorry if this is TMI, but I have pierced nipples (though haven't managed to get bars back in and haven't worn them for 2 years since about 5 months pregnant) and if I squeeze - or, if I'm in "certain" situations (...come on, you know what I mean) I notice milk escaping from the holes as well !

BevB Fri 24-Jun-05 19:29:32

catsmother - I know this isn't quite the same as pierced nipples but my belly button piercing has shrunk too. I can't put the normal bar in but have found that a thin hooped earing fits so I'm looking into getting something that will stretch it back so that my bar fits through it again, I guess you could try this if you wanted to get your bars back in.

wysiwyg Sat 25-Jun-05 22:45:51

catsmother - TMI you are right. Hats off to you - couldn't bear my nipples to be touched a lot of the time let alone pierced

Tortington Sun 26-Jun-05 16:42:20

cabbage leaves does the trick. two big leaves on each tit.

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