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stupid question time - when to offer a bottle of expressed milk?

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arolf Sun 01-Nov-09 19:50:31

DS is 5 weeks old, will latch on to anything offered to him, so we're not too concerned about nipple confusion! feeding is well established (he's gained 2 lb in the first month of life, so is feeding perfectly well), but he's been tending to feed for about 2 hours in the evening, then sleep for an hour before needing more food, so I've managed to express 3 fl oz today (1st day of expressing - I imagine I'll get more tomorrow!) and want to offer him it to supplement his late evening feed, to maybe get him to sleep a wee bit longer.

however, I'm not sure whether to feed him from me first, then offer him the bottle, or feed him from bottle first then finish him on me IYSWIM.

also, when is the most sensible time to express? I managed today mostly in the morning, but am not sure when is actually best

god, this is all so much more confusing than simply offering him a boob!! grin

notyummy Sun 01-Nov-09 19:57:18

Express in the morning ideally - I used to express from one boob whilst feeding dd from the other. I would then top this up during the day so I had a full feeds worth. Dh used to give this to her at 7pm after he got in from work whilst I did nothing/went to gym etc.

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