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when to introduce a bottle for one feed a day?

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eleanorsmum Sun 01-Nov-09 14:48:19

I am feeding dd2 (9days old) myself and doing ok with it all, didn't mange with dd1 for lots of reasons mainly no support and her being in special care for a bit. But this time I want to use a bottle for one feed a day probably the 10pm ish one so I can go to bed earlier and dh can feed dd2 at this time.

My question is how soon do I introduce it and do i put formula in it or ebm? My insitcnt says not yet maybe 2 weeks old? as don't wnat her to forget how to bf but will one a day do that? with the milk in it would she take a bottle better if it had ebm in it or best just to be totally different and use formula? I ahve firstyears breastflow bottles which she has had one sup rom when she needed some water for wind.

Any tips or thought apreciated, I will be going to breatfeeding cafe at our childrens centre this week for more advice too ut prefer mumsnets!

CrapDriver Sun 01-Nov-09 14:58:03

You're mum. It's your choice. There is no right or wrong. She won't forget how to breastfeed if that's your main way of feeding her. If you can express milk then I would say that's the obvious choice. It's healthier and it's what she is used to.

All babies are dfferent, she might take to it well, or it might take a while to adjust. just don't put any pressure on her or yourself to fit a certain routine immediately.

Some people will say that she will sleep through quicker if you give her formula. It's a possabilty but it didn't do a thing to help my DS sleep!

Iggi999 Sun 01-Nov-09 19:22:23

If the benefits of exclusive bf are important to you, then sticking with ebm would be the better option. Can't see any health advantages to having one formula feed. You are still very early into the bf, and I think (not expert obv) that it won't do anything positive for your supply to introduce formula. You could maybe get into a routine of expressing in the morning (usually easiest then IMO) for that evening. It's great if your dd will take milk from a bottle, it is liberating for you in the long run - mine did and didn't affect bf but every baby's different. Your DH could always give her milk from a cup (like they do in hospital) if you think too soon for bottle.
By the way congratulations on your new arrival, and the best of luck whatever you decide!

flabbyapronbelly Sun 01-Nov-09 19:44:56

Hi and congratulations Emum. If I were you, I would wait a bit loonger to start giving a bottle, unless there is a definate reason for you needing too. If it is just so that the baby will be able to, I would wait longer. Remember that every bottle given is one less feed from you and it could easily effect your supply. This is especially true if it is formula. I had quite a few friends advising me to give my ds a bottle of ebm early on as they had found it really difficult to get their babies to feed from one. They seemed to think 6 weeks was an ideal time. I waited until I really needed to be away from him and he took it easily at 12 weeks. He is quite a relaxed fella so not sure if this is why, but am glad I didn't try to do until I needed to as is a bit if a faff and I am lazy.

eleanorsmum Mon 02-Nov-09 19:21:01

Thanks for the feedback. I thnik I will leave it a bit longer then, think she needs to be in a bit more of a routine before i do this too! I was just worried becaue one of my friends couldn't get her ds to take abottle ever and didn't want to be bf forever! I know it won't be but I#d like the option for dd2 to have bottle if i ever get out for more than an hour without her! am thinking xmas shopping or sale shopping! lol!

BertieBotts Mon 02-Nov-09 22:01:40

FWIW I don't think giving a regular bottle from early on will guarantee your baby will always take one - my friend gave her DS a regular bottle from when he was really young and then at about 4 months he started rejecting any bottles ever offered and never took one again.

Pingpong Mon 02-Nov-09 22:11:00

I started giving DD a bottle of EBM at 3 weeks and she took to it fine. DH gave her the bottle while I expressed ready for the next night. We found that she got really sleepy when BF at night (10pm) and by using a bottle of EBM DH could keep her a bit more upright and she would stay awake a wee bit longer to get a decent feed in and then have a good stretch of sleep and giving me a rest. My advice would be to try expressing first and if it doesn't work out for you then go for formula. I had oversupply of milk but my MW urged me not to start expressing too early because of supply/demand.
There are obviously exceptions but IMO most babies who take a bottle won't suddenly change their mind whereas putting off bottle feeding for ages can lead to babies always refusing bottles but I'm no expert just what I learnt from boobie group.

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