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10MO breastfed baby has cut down to 2 feeds a day - enough?

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tinybaba Fri 30-Oct-09 21:06:08

I know very few people who still breastfeed at this age & those that do seem to feed their LOs much more than this. I have always fed on demand and up until 2 weeks ago she was having 4 feeds (though one has been on it's way out for months).
We are doing BLW and she eats tons. She has cows milk on her cereal and has yoghurt & cheese too. I'm sure if I offered milk she would have more but I've always gone with what she wants & she just isn't bothered during the day. I go back to work soon so it fits on with that aswell. Just need some reassurance!.

MiniCooper4372 Fri 30-Oct-09 22:30:12

Hiya, I breastfed my DS until around the same age and he too was down to 2/3 feeds a day from me, plus his cereal with cows milk, snacks of cheese, yoghurt etc and it was fine.

When I say 2/3 feeds -the morning feed was at about 5am, then a little top up at 7am. This gradually changed to just one 7 am feed plus an evening one, then I cut the evening/night one out when I first went back to work -replacing it with formula.

Shortly afterwards, the morning feed was dropped too (very sad sad )and I became surplus to requirments.....

So, in answer to your question -that seems about right to me, but ask your 'health worker person' if you're not sure.

Hope this helps.

(My DS is 5 1/2 now, so I'm not sure if advice has changed since then)

duffpancake Fri 30-Oct-09 22:41:58

I dropped the day feeds for ds around 10 months and he seems fine with it (he's now 12 months). He has a morning feed around 6 or 7 and an evening one last thing before bed. He still wakes up for a night feed most nights which made me wonder if I dropped them too early, but he doesn't seem to take that much then; I think it's more of a sleep issue than a feeding one iyswim.

RascalMama Fri 30-Oct-09 23:27:07

Tinybaba - All babies are different and whilst some will need far more than two feeds a day at this age, others are more than happy with just two feeds.

If your DD is eating lots and her diet includes diary then you really don't have anything to worry about smile Enjoy iit whilst it lasts as you will probably know it will is quite possible this new 'routine' might change at the drop of a hat!

My DD was having upto 7/8 feeds a day just after her 1st birthday but quite happy went to just two feeds a day of her own accord just weeks later - which tied in nicely with me going back to work.

However now almost a year later she is feeding on average around 3-4 times in each 24hrs but (usually before bed, once in the night, on waking and maybe an extra feed mid morning or mid afternoon)

However on occassion she will not bother about her feed on waking and on the days I work she goes without her midmorning/afternoon feeds quite happily. The middle of the night feed seems to be the only one she is reluctant to part with hmm

Please try not to worry your DD sounds fine x

tinybaba Sat 31-Oct-09 21:50:30

Great, thanks all. Feel much better now smile

It's lovely to see her growing up but I feel v sad at the thought that breastfeeding might not go on much longer (my boob-aholic DD now seems to prefer lamb hotpot to me!). Still plan to carry on the bedtime feed as long as I can though.

Rascalmama - not sure I'd cope with a feed in the middle of the night but you must be so chuffed to still be feeding your DD

Builde Tue 03-Nov-09 09:23:34

Babies of this age want to be active and playing and often will only feed quietly before a sleep. This seems entirely natural to me. Go with you dds flow and enjoy watching her grow up.

And, if she if having other dairy stuff she should be getting enough calcium.

kathryn2804 Tue 03-Nov-09 09:42:42

My twins were only breastfeeding twice a day at this age. They really cut down too. They take absolutely loads of milk from one feed at this age so you'd be surprised how much she's having!

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