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Talk to me about babies initiating breastfeeding after birth

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Grendle Fri 30-Oct-09 20:20:24

I'm preparing for the fairly imminent arrival of dc3. For various reasons neither of my previous 2 fed within the first hour after birth. I'd really like this one to have the best possible chance. I'm hoping for a home water birth (as with dc2) and am not anticipating using any pain relief (as with dc2). Last time I found trying to feed in the pool impossible and then ended up sat on the floor trying to latch baby on in a cross-cradle hold. It didn't really work. I'd really like to give this one a chance to do the breast crawl thing and self attach, and have seen videos, biol nurturing website etc. But, in practical terms how can I maximise the chances of this happening/working after a water birth? Anyone have experience they can share? Any tips?

beanbearer Fri 30-Oct-09 22:04:13

I had DS in the pool and we stayed there for about 10 minutes after birth feeding, but that was in a maternity unit and there's a step you can sit on. Not quite the same as the breastcrawl though as I lifted him higher up my body so he could breathe. But to get as close as possible, I suppose you could lie back as per biological nurturing pose and let them find their way? Probably depends a bit on how warm the room is whether you'd be happy to do it this way. Might also need some kind of support for your back? Best of luck!

luciemule Fri 30-Oct-09 22:06:21

Also might depend on how quickly they allow you stay in pool following birth, before placenta is born.

luciemule Fri 30-Oct-09 22:07:22

Forgot to say, I'm sure the birth crawl is still viable up to 10 hours afterwards so even if it wasn't possible to do initially in the water, you could do it as soon as you were comfortable.

Grendle Fri 30-Oct-09 23:13:58

Ah Lucie... no-one will be allowing me to do anything, it will all be up to me as I'll be in my own home grin. I know you're right and it can be done later on, I'd just really love to have one baby who actually feeds within the first 30 mins after birth as is always described as optimal.

Last time I couldn't get out of the pool fast enough, I just didn't want to stay in once baby was born, despite having planned to do my whole 3rd stage in there hmm. This time I'm approaching it flexibly according to how I feel at the time, but want to factor in feeding.

Unfortunately I don't think the type of pool I have will work with something in it to sit on. Perhaps getting out, towelling off and snuggling in the corner is a better plan? I had no trouble climbing out while holding dd with cord still attached despite her cord being v short, so don't anticipate an issue there.

I know I can't exactly plan what might happen. I just want to think it through.

Igglybuff Sat 31-Oct-09 12:15:17

I didn't have a water home birth - did have a home birth though. DS was assisted with taking his first feed as I lay there being stitched up after a hospital transfer for tearing...

The midwife made a point of getting DS on my bare chest asap and covered us both with a disposable changing mat and blanket (mats have a plastic backing so great for heat as was cold after the birth). I was a bit dazed so couldn't do it. DS sort of wiggled to my boob and was opening his mouth. Midwife moulded my nip to help and hey presto, he fed.

I guess the point I'm wanting to make is that I planned for DS to get the first feed but hadn't planned on how it could be done if things didn't go quite to plan. So worth making sure the birth partner knows and can help you if need be? By the way - DS wasnt on long, he sort of nuzzled on and off for a bit.

Good luck!

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