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How many feeds a day/night do 6 month old BF babies need??

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Kalikaroo Fri 30-Oct-09 09:26:55

Hi! I have a 6 month old DS who is BF and is also starting to eat solid foods maybe twice a day. He is having around 4-5 milk feeds during the day but is then guzzling milk around 5 times a night!!!! (YAWN!!!!!!) I'm sooooooo tired from waking up all the time......I've been told by our nurse that he doesn't need milk at night now and I should stop feeding him, but quite often he won't be settled at night unless I feed him. Probably an age-old problem but:

1) How many feeds does a 6 month old actually need to have during the day and night?

2) How do I reduce his night feeding without him screaming the place down (I live in a flat with sensitive neighbours hmm )

We mostly co-sleep because he has trouble staying in his cot (another thread topic maybe??). Maybe this contributes to him wanting feeds because he's next to me?

Any advice or helpful suggestions (or reassurance that others are having the same bother! smile ) would be much appreciated!

naughtystepforme Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:59

I think that there is no answer to that I'm afraid! When my DD was 6 months and started having 2 meals a day she quickly went from 5-6 bfeeds in a day down to 3. That being said, a good friend of mine with a similarly aged DS was still bfeeding him every 2 hours of so.

Sorry, I know thats no help!

weddingcake Sun 01-Nov-09 00:00:57

Can't help I'm afraid but you could so be writing about my DD.

I also ought to stop co sleeping because the way I see it if I slept next to the fridge I'm sure I'd snack every time I stirred which is I'm sure what DD is doing.

Also have a 2 year old though so am too damn tired to fight it and don't want the screaming to wake him.

Sorry no advice but lots of empathy!

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