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Trimethoprim and breastfeeding - I'M PANICKING!

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Faifly Thu 29-Oct-09 21:09:40

Had a great pregnancy - not even puked once, but now it's just one bugger after another angry still bleeding 3 weeks after delivery, no tears but aching all the same, and worst of all - cystitis. Been given trimethoprim. GP looked in his magic book where it said "excreted into breast milk but short-term exposure is safe". I looked up online tho and found lots of references to it being a no-no for b/f mums sad one site said b/f should be stopped during the entire course of treatment (I was told 5 days).
So i'm now thinking - should I switch to formula? Or say, b/feed 4-5 times a day, at a time when the drug concentration in my system is (supposedly) at its lowest, and give him formula Or stick to b/f and hope for the best? I've also got a bit of milk sitting in the freezer but that's only going to last 6-7 feeds (that's if i worked out how much he needs right hmm)
Has anyone taken trimethoprim? Any comments?

AnyGhoulKno Thu 29-Oct-09 21:18:49

I have had trimethoprim when bfing and was told it was safe.

Tambajam Thu 29-Oct-09 21:19:21

The GP is right. Short-term exposure is safe (provided you are not talking about a very young jaundiced baby). You can read reliable information on Thomas Hale's forum. He is probably the world's leading expert on medication and breastfeeding. Enter as a guest and perform a search and read all the references:
I also have a breastfeeding network booklet on drugs in front of me which describes it as 'safe in breastfeeding'. There are a couple of other antibiotics which don't get such a positive write-up so this booklet doesn't pull its punches.

Faifly Fri 30-Oct-09 01:57:41

many thanks for the link tambajam

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