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EBF 5 month started projectile vomiting but doesn't seem sick

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cupcake75 Thu 29-Oct-09 18:11:22

In need of some advice. My 5 month EBF DD has been projectile vomiting a couple of times in the evening over the past few days. She's never been a sicky baby and very, very rarely throws up after feeds. Even then it would only be posseting not this large amount of projectile vomit.

She's nursing normally, though slightly less frequently during the day. She's generally in a good mood though it would probably improve a lot if she was having longer daytime naps. She is pooping more frequently, about 4 times a day, up from a normal 1-2 a day. The nappies look the usual yellow. She's got a bit of nappy rash but nothing else.

My diet hasn't changed in the past few days so I don't think that would be affecting her. The only difference is that we're cat-sitting at my brother's house. She's previously spent five weeks at my parents house with their two cats to no ill effect.

She's got a stuffy nose but no fever and is not coughing any more than usual. She's teething but I've not heard that vomiting is associated with that.

Is it likely to be a stomach bug, possible allergy to her surroundings or just some weird unexplained thing? Anyone have any experience of this and how long it might last for?

UnseenAcademicalMum Thu 29-Oct-09 20:29:25

It could be related to her stuffy nose? DS2 always seems to vomit more when he has a blocked nose. The blocked nose could also be related to teething as both mine seemed to have cold-type symptoms whenever they were teething (though neither got a single tooth till they were past a year but they were both unusually late in that respect).

I wouldn't see any reason to suspect an allergy at this stage if vomitting is the only symptom as food allergies often come with eczema, foul nappies, possible refusal to feed, possible loss of weight/lack of weight gain and sometimes seeming as if in pain on starting feeding (even though when they start they appear hungry).

If she doesn't seem ill I'd just feed her as normal, give her calpol if she gets a temperature and see how she is in a couple of days. If she still doesn't seem better, or in the meantime she gets worse, see your GP but they often don't do very much unless a baby appears to be in immediate danger e.g. not keeping any feeds down, getting dehydrated etc.

cupcake75 Fri 30-Oct-09 07:27:18

Thanks. She didn't wind up vomiting in the middle of the night so maybe things are improving. Hopefully there will be no more daytime sessions either. My brother is not going to be impressed about how much electricity we've used during our stay on the endless loads of laundry.

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