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7month old has very little milk

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webmum Wed 15-Jun-05 13:38:12

DD2 is 7 months and on 3 solids a day which she eats happily, she has porridge&fruit in the morning, meat/fish with veggies for lunch follwoed by fruit, and veggies with cheese/lentils/tiny pasta shapes for tea.

She has been mainly breastfed (90%) until now, with the occasional bottle, and recently she ahs started being very fidgety at the breast, with feeds lastign very little, sometimes nothing at all (esp teh afternoon feed), I offer her milk first thing in the morning (and even then after a 12 hour sleep she still isn't particularly keen), then midafternoon (often refused outright), and bedtime (mixed response, sometimes she has a good feed others not at all).

With her sister I had thsa same, but as soon as I swichted to the bottle she was satisfied she could sit up and look around and would feed brilliantly. DD2 is just as fidgety on the bottle! She gets distracted by anything, and its difficult even if I try to feed her in teh dark, she'll always find something that attracts her.

I thought maybe she was getting too much solid food, but last week she failed to put on any weight at all over a 2week period! So I'm not sure if should reduce the solids hoping she gets more milk, or just leave it her, increase dairy products in her diet, try tog et her to drink water? (not much at the mo)

Hv was a bit concerned at amount of liquids had by dd2.

Any advice anyone? anyone been in a similar situation?

Rois Wed 15-Jun-05 13:52:43

My DS was the same, so I dropped the lunchtime bottle and he took his evening and bedtime bottle no probs. Just make sure she gets plenty of liquids water,juice etc during the day. Good Luck

busyalexsmummy Wed 15-Jun-05 13:54:45

It sounds like shes having ample, if not in liquid form then in food, remember up to a yr the RDA is 20oz which is just under a pint, which after you count things such a cheese, cheese suaces, porridge, yoghurt etc she probably is taking in enough.

I wounldnt worry about her weight as at 7 months their weight increase can be very varied from one week to the next, it comes with solid diet, as long as she is gaining weight over say a month, i wouldnt say theres much to worry about.

As for being distracted at breast and bottle, have you tried somethiing like a breastfeeding necklace that she can fiddle with whilst feeding?
And with regards to the bottle, how about trying her with a cup/beaker and see if she'll cope better with that, you may find she might get on better as she can do it herself.


webmum Thu 16-Jun-05 00:33:07

well, guess what, just after I posted this in the afternoon she had 6oz of milk from the bottle in less than 2 minutes, and she had it again at bedtime!!!

Hv also said not to worry and just make sure she gets dairy products in other forms, but it looks like the problem has been solved by dd2 in person (at least for today)!!

Thanks anyway, as usual, worrying for nothing!!

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