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14 months and sore nipples - WTF?

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ineedalifelaundry Wed 28-Oct-09 20:46:36

I had terrible problems with sore nipples in the first few weeks if dd's life. Excrutiating would be how I would describe those earliest feeds. But I hung in there, got all the support and advice I could, and slowly things started to improve.

14 months on we both still love bfing, but in the last week or so my nipples are getting really tender and it's really starting to bloody hurt!

What's going on???

MrsMotMot Wed 28-Oct-09 20:49:11

Two things spring to mind.

1. Thrush? Been on antibiotics? Any other symptoms in you or DC?

2. Pregnant...?!

preggersslaysandchops Wed 28-Oct-09 20:55:47

I was going to suggest the second one too!

Otherwise, possible teething? My DS's latch seemed to change when teething, plus he would suckle for ages and ages which made my nipples a bit sore for a while.

foxytocin Thu 29-Oct-09 02:41:59

teething? with both dds this was the only time I got sore nipples.

Tambajam Thu 29-Oct-09 06:53:40

I was going to say: latching shift with teething, thrush (or another infection, allergic reaction), pregnancy.

leapyearbaby Mon 02-Nov-09 01:30:45

i sometimes get soreish nipples when bubs falls asleep at teh breast but doesn't unlatch properly, the top teeth rub a bit, it'll happen for a few days then he stops doing it as suddenly as he started, but yes, rule out thrush also as it needs treatment asap if you have it, if so your nipples would feel especially sensitive to cold and may go pale after a feed.

Pipnik Mon 02-Nov-09 22:41:52

Are you ovulating? That's when mine are tender.

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