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DS is 1 and is feeding 9 times in 24h, is this ok?

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BertieBotts Wed 28-Oct-09 12:44:17

I did make a post recently sort of on this subject but I have a different question now

I have been seeing a HV for support with leaving my partner, unfortunately since she can't really help with that she seems to be picking on random things to "help" with which isn't all that helpful really hmm Anyway one thing she suggested was that I write a food diary for me and DS - and so I have been and I realised that DS has about 9 breastfeeds in 24 hours. I didn't realise it was that much and so I am now wondering whether it is ok to still be feeding him this much or whether I need to be more pushy with the solid food, which he is quite fussy about. At the moment if he refuses food I don't offer him anything else until the next mealtime (or if he is reaching for food packets etc) - we have done BLW from the start and I assumed he would naturally begin to take in more food and have less milk but this doesn't seem to be happening. I know "food is for fun until age 1" - but what happens at age 1?

Anyway I am quite happy to carry on feeding him this amount when we are at home, but I am starting to feel self conscious about feeding him when out and about, particularly in front of family, and friends who have babies and are now down to 1-2 milk feeds a day. I wish I didn't feel like this but I do And with the stressful situation coming up of me moving out with DS I don't want to stop him feeding as I feel it would be useful to be able to offer that comfort.

Ideally I would like him to let him self-wean when he is ready but I envisaged by 12-15 months ish that he would only be feeding at bedtime and for comfort, e.g. if he hurt himself, allowing me to keep it fairly private as I just want to avoid unsupportive comments altogether.

mumcah Wed 28-Oct-09 12:52:15

hi.9 feeds does sound quite a lot to me for his age.My DD was having two feeds a day at this age but they are all different.Nutritionally it is important that he is eating a full range of foods from all the groups.And if he is having that much milk a day he is not going to be intersted in food.My DD eats a very balanced diet and she is slightly anaemic.The paediatritian told me the children who are usually anaemic are the ones who are having too much milk and not enough food.(not trying to scaremonger by the way).He also said all children over one should be having daily mulitivitamins as they are often fussy eaters/ill etc.
I think it is good you want your son to wean himself but of course he loves his breastfeeding and it's comforting.Remember you can control how many feeds he's having.

4madboys Wed 28-Oct-09 13:06:37

sounds fine to me, my middle two were the same, and they took until they were about 18mths to be properly interested in solid food, we too did blw, but they got their eventually, continued to bfeed until they were 3and a half and almost 4 yrs but are perfectly normal, happy healthy boys

if you dont mind and he is happy and healthy then carry on, it may be that with all that is going on in your life he needs more comfort and security and bfeeding is the best way to do that.

i never counted how much they bfed, but it was often more than that, esp during the night and ds2 was very clingy when we were out from 12-18mths and could feed that many times in an hour shock he grew out of it.

like i said do what is easiest and makes you and your son happy xxxxxxx

TanteRoseFromTheDead Wed 28-Oct-09 13:23:53

My DCs both were similar at 1 year - I remember feeling that they had suddenly reverted to new-born feeding patterns for a while! They cut back a bit after a couple of months - but I carried on feeding my DD until she was 14 months, and my DS until he was three years.
They both loved their food, though, and the breastfeeding didn't really affect their appetites for solid food.
I agree it will be a great comfort to be able to keep breastfeeding him through a stressful time. smile

MrsMotMot Wed 28-Oct-09 16:07:24

My ds is nearly 12m too and sounds exactly the same. Lots of feeds, blw, not hugely interested in food, etc! I counted it up recently and it is at least 8, often more.

I completely agree that it feels a bit worrying when other babies his age are on two or three feeds a day, and these being phased out as well!

I have always taken my cues from him- ie as a newborn I never refused him a feed and I am taking the same approach to solids and bf now. It isn't easy as IMO babies are 'rushed' on to the next thing in our culture- 'teeth yet? sitting up yet? hows weaning going? got him off the breast yet? big boy now' ad nauseum!

Just wanted to let you know you're not alone and that much bf a day is normal. And I totally agree that it might be a source of comfort and familiarity for you both at a tumultuous time. Am a bit angry that the hv has given you something else to worry about, tbh!

sweetnitanitro Wed 28-Oct-09 16:16:36

My DD is 12 months and sounds similar. She is a boob monster and some days has very little interest in solid food, there are days when she doesn't have any solids at all but there are some days when she eats lots. I was worried about it but my HV says as long as she seems healthy and is putting on weight then it's OK. DD is thriving and is giving me no reason to worry. She tends to go off solids for a couple of days if her teeth are bugging her, does your DS do this?

Try not to worry what other people think, you are doing brilliantly for still feeding this much

BertieBotts Wed 28-Oct-09 18:50:18

Thanks all - glad to know I am not alone and that your DCs turned out ok grin

epiglottis Wed 28-Oct-09 18:56:08

breastmilk is good for him and feeding for comfort or pleasure is also good for him - it's good for babies to feel happy and enjoy breastfeeding as often as they want to
just cultivate indifference to anyone else's views on the matter! it really is a private thing between you and your ds and none of anyone else's business, any more than how often you cuddle him or similar

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