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side lying latch - uncomfortable

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lysie Mon 26-Oct-09 16:04:58

Can anyone advise me on getting comfy whilst side lying, as i was hoping i would be able to sleep with dd feeding in this position, but we can't seem to get the hang of it without nibbly pain that keeps me awake.

zombieBOO Mon 26-Oct-09 20:56:51

I did lots of things to get laying down feeding sorted as we had trouble otherwise.
Do you have someone helping you get the latch on? (oh that sounded a bit kinky) grin I had my dh help me a few times and that was better. Even more kinky sorry...
I also tried offering the 'top' breast, leaning over my dd more.
I used to lay completely flat, no pillow or arm under my head, now I tuck my arm under my head and gently hold the bottom breast up with my other hand if it's not particularly full (because then the nipple and the mouth line up better). This last thing -the line up of the nipple and the breast- might be the thing to focus on (if you haven't already) When you lay down are dd's mouth and your nipple at equal heights? Because ideally (at least for me) they should be. If you need to put baby on a pillow/folded blanket to lift her up do so. Or maybe you need to lift the breast more?
The other way around this issue is to completely let dd find the breast/nipple when you put her in front of you. (My dd was actually better at this then I thought at first - I just had to let her 'take charge' and things settled a bit more with the feedings)

It's all about changing things until you find what suits you and your lo. Keep at it. You'll find that it works sooner or later (And I'm serious- I had so many troubles at first I was in pain and tears for 8 weeks as we sorted things. And now, at 7months we don't even think about it and are moving to weanings.)

losingtheplotthisweek Mon 26-Oct-09 22:07:10

What works for me is to lay on my side and use the bottom arm to support DD's head (feel like I need to draw diagrams!!).I then use free hand to sort of lift nipple to the same height as DD's head.

I can remember doing this with DD1 and before long (couple of weeks?) she could wiggle her head into position herself.

Dont know if you've got lights on or off but I think definitely worth giving it a go with the light on to start with.

Persist with it...the extra sleep is well worth the initial effort in the long run.

zombieBOO Mon 26-Oct-09 22:25:45

Oh and I was going to suggest trying it on the spare bed or the couch or a yoga mat (or where ever)until you've got it sorted and then move to the more ideal place, because sometimes the different 'plushness' can affect the position. See what works best for you gals

Igglybuff Tue 27-Oct-09 10:43:34

I got someone to show me side lying and tried it last night- was great. I found having baby quite low down helped and move him into you so he has to look up to nipple (make sure you're in position first - use your top leg to make sure you're stable e.g have the knee bent and in front of your bottom leg. If that makes sense!)
Depending on your boob size, you could have a rolled up flannel under the boob to lift it a bit? Also baby used his own arm to support his head (ok he didn't know what he was doing but it meant his neck wasn't bent!)
I'm sure that makes no sense - hard to describe! Maybe you could get a BF counsellor or a mum who's done it to show you how to position yourself?

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