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Poo colour for a mixed feeding baby (delightful topic I know!) - any advice?!

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GuardianMummy Sun 25-Oct-09 15:43:59


This is my second post today! I'm turning into a right little MN-er!

My son is 16 weeks old and is fed half and half with formula and breast milk. I feed him at 7am and at 2pm and he has formula for 11am, 6pm (well, technically that’s half expressed breast milk and half formula mixed up in a bottle) and 11pm feeds.

So, he really is on half and half and his poos are now a bit weird............ When I was exclusively BF-ing him (up until 8-9 weeks), he had started to go longer between poos i.e. about 3 days. This has continued but, recently, it’s extended to 4 days between poos and we even got to day 6 last week! Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it as he is happy and smiley etc etc and certainly doesn’t appear to be in any way constipated. However, he has started to cry/yelp when he poos and he certainly strains to get them out now. I find it upsetting that he looks upset by the process and am wondering if they are hurting him or if it’s pretty normal for babies to start to get a little more ‘involved’ in the pooing thing rather than them just slipping out (lovely!)

Also, BTW, they are a real mix of dark green (yuck – like duck’s poo really – is that normal?!) which is quite thick and the bright yellow of breast milk poos which are still a little more watery. I think the colour is because the yellow mixes in with whatever colour formula poo would be (!?) but there is also a very clear differentiation between the two poo types! Never the twain shall meet really! Weird!

Anyway – any thoughts welcomed as I’m just a little concerned that I should, in fact, be more worried about the long gap between poos and possibly even that colour......


whomovedmychocolate Sun 25-Oct-09 15:57:05

Green poo is often a sign of a tummy upset - normally just a run of the mill virus. Nothing to worry about. However if he is regularly straining, ask the GP for some lactulose to soften the stools, some kids just take a while to get used to pooping I guess - DS did - but after a few months on lactulose he grew out of the problem

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