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Baby suddenly eating less

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guyshahar Sun 25-Oct-09 13:07:41


Our 2 month old baby, Daniel, has been eating healthy amounts of milk up to now (a combination of breast milk and Hipp Organic formula), but over the past few days, he has suddenly lost his appetite - spending the same time on the breast, but being satisfied after that with less than half of the formula he was eating before (about 50ml rather than around 120). He is still happy, and smiling more and more...

Is this normal fluctuations in a baby's eating or something to worry about? He is a small baby, and so although he has been gaining weight well, he needs to continue to do so in order not to become too small for his age.

Any advice?

daffodilli Sun 25-Oct-09 13:25:48

My DS is 7wks and the past 3 days he was like this, he went from drinking 6/7oz formula to 3/4oz, did not seem bothered by feeding, and even went down in his cot with no feed one night! I didn't sleep at all that night I felt so bad! Not sure why he did it, he does have colic, and possibly silent reflux, but that has never stopped him eating before. Like your DS he was the same as ever. Today though he is back on his 7oz again. Not really much help I'm afraid, but wanted to let you know your DS isn't the only one. Hopefully someone will be along with better advice. smile

duende Sun 25-Oct-09 16:14:49

my DS has been like this after his jabs. he went from taking 6oz at every feed to only 3oz. this lasted 5 days and he is getting back to normal slowly - 5oz at most feeds.

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