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Help with C&G Comfort Formula!

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daffodilli Sun 25-Oct-09 10:36:00

Am using C&G Comfort Formula with my DS age 7wks, hopefully to help with his colic. Just wanted to know if anyone has any tips for making my life a bit easier blush with the preparation?! He has no routine yet and can go from 1 hour to nearly 5 between feeds so I cant guess when he'll need a feed. ATM, preparation goes as follows...
DS decides he has never been fed in his life and cries accordingly,I rush to boil the kettle as they say it has to be FRESHLY boiled, then wait 15mins for it to cool, then make up the formula, then put bottle in very cold water where it will take 10/15 mins for it too cool, by which time DS is hysterical, and I'm not far off either!
Am I making my life difficult or does it have to be done like this?! And also how do you manage to leave the house and go somewhere that has no kettle?!

redboxer Sun 25-Oct-09 12:20:26

I make up a feed after he has just had one and store it in the fridge as the guidelines say you can for up to four hours, although we sometimes go over this time. If I am going out I take a ready made carton as my lo doesn't mind at room temperature.

tethersend Sun 25-Oct-09 12:28:40

Right, this is what I did, but it goes against the guidelines. Please don't flame me.

Fill the bottles 2/3 with cool boiled water and keep on the side at room temp. When he wants a feed, boil the kettle and top up the bottles to the amount you want, then add formula to what should be warm water.

Within the guidelines, you could do this in reverse- mix the full amount of formula with 1/3 freshly boiled hot water, and top up with 2/3 cool boiled water. The heat of the boiling water will kill any germs, which is why I think they say to make it with freshly boiled water. Someone who knows more may be along in a minute to correct me on this though...

Good luck smile

daffodilli Sun 25-Oct-09 12:48:23

Thanks for the replies. Was kind of hoping someone would say they prepare a little in advance. Not really sorting his wind and colic atm as he gets so upset waiting, by the time he has the bottle he gulps and sucks like crazy, and so making himself more windy. HV says he has to learn patience, he's 7 weeks, not sure he understands patience as yet!

tethersend Sun 25-Oct-09 13:28:54

Try Dr. brown's bottles- they sorted my dd's wind overnight

thrifty Sun 25-Oct-09 13:49:49

Hi daffodil.
we used to use this, and prepare it in advance as redboxer.
is it helping at all? we noticed it mde a huge difference for about a week, then the colic came back. we ended up adding colief to the feed as well. and after that we moved onto lactose free formula, which was a whole lot less hassle! (though more expensive!)

daffodilli Sun 25-Oct-09 15:55:48

We've been using it since wednesday, little bit of a difference I think, [hopeful emoticon], there do seem to be small settled periods in the day, and not just one long grizzle/cry. We've got the Dr Brown's bottles as well and am about to try baby massage and cranial osteopathy just to cover all possible remedies! Really wanted to see if there was a quicker way of preparing as he cries and grizzles alot anyway, didn't want to add to it poor boy. Think I will try preparing one feed in advance, and try to stay ahead of the game, thanks all smile

BertieBotts Sun 25-Oct-09 21:49:32

at HV saying he has to learn patience!

It might help you make an informed decision if you know why the guidelines are set. You need to use freshly boiled water which has cooled to no lower than 70 degrees because the powder is not sterile - so mixing the powder with hot water kills any germs that might be in there. If you then leave it to cool down for a few hours, any germs that were left behind (which would be a very small number and extremely unlikely to cause any stomach upset etc) can multiply to dangerous levels, because warm milk is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

This is all based on small chances of bacteria being present, (I don't know the figures) - a lot of people do make up feeds in advance. If you are worried the best thing to do is either use cartons or keep some boiled water in a jug in the fridge/on the side and then either try to anticipate hunger (look for early hunger signs like rooting <head going from side to side>, mouth opening, sucking fists) and make up the bottle with half the amount of freshly boiled water to kill the germs, and top up with cool boiled water from the jug - you have to measure the water out first though. This also means you don't have to cool it if you get the proportions right.


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