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Advice please for dealing with an impatient, highly distractable BF 7mo baby!

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IslandIsla Sun 25-Oct-09 09:22:57

My 7 mo girl has been EBF since birth (although she had some formula on her first day at the insistence of the hospital sad), since six months we have been doing BLW as well.

I am becoming really worn down by how distractable and impatient she is with feeding during the day. She tends to show she wants some milk by vigourously sucking her thumb and giving me big eyes. However if the let-down doesn't happen quickly she pulls off, won't go back on (even if the milk starts flowing a few seconds after she pulls off). So I am left sitting there with milk soaking me blush. I wonder if she isn't really hungry enough to wait for it - she does tend to want to feed frequently - maybe every 2 hours. If she is not hungry enough maybe I should offer less frequently, or offer water but I am not sure. She goes about 4 hours between 'good' feeds I would say.

Its also almost impossible for me to feed her in public, she is sooo distractable, which is really frustrating.

At night she takes 1-2 feeds which doesn't really bother me (ideally it would be one or none though!). She feeds well at night and drops back to sleep quickly afterwards, either settling herself or falling asleep on the breast. She also feeds well at bedtime and before a nap. Because naptime is the only time in the day I can count on her to take a good feed, its part of the nap routine now, which I am not sure is a good idea either since probably 95% of the time she ends up going to sleep on the breasthmm

She would never take a bottle but at 4 months I started getting her familiar with a cup and now she will take water from a cup. She has taken some milk from a cup when I haven't been around. I am thinking about expressing milk to give her in a cup for one of her feeds, I wonder if she will feed better from it because she can look around whilst drinking! It would also make going out easier.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any advice with this. I did want to keep BFing until 1 yr and then wean to cows milk but this is getting me down and making me think of introducing formula (in a cup)!

duke Sun 25-Oct-09 16:44:18

I EBF my ds1 and ds2 till they were 1, as soon as they started having solids I gave them breast milk in a cup with the food in a high chair then breast feeds after and inbetween. I never gave them a bottle. Maybe she wants dinner rather than milk maybe try her with solid first then top her up with a breast feed. I know what you mean about them getting distracted I realised it was time to give up breast feeding when ds1 reached for the remote control mid feed!!!

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