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Anyone use Milton to sterlise bottles?

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CoffeeMum Sun 25-Oct-09 09:03:07

I am expecting second baby, and though am going to re-attempt BF-ing with all my might, I am stocking up on bottles just in case. With DS1 we used Mam bottles which have many different parts, but are good as both anti-colic AND BPA free. However,using a steam sterliser was a pain as you had to run it twice for six bottles. We're considering using Milton tablets this time round as it seems a bit easier, but i'd like to hear how others have got in with this method.

It seems you can just wash everything, throw it all in the Milton bucket, wait 15 minutes, then everything's good for 24 hours. Is it that easy? My one question do you retrieve the bottle parts from the Milton bucket? I assume you can't use hands, even if washed, but would tongs be big enough?

Thanks very much smile

McAli Sun 25-Oct-09 09:15:26

Hi there, I used Milton and a microwave sterliser. The milton was easy. I prepared it each morning, so all I had to do was pop the newly washed bottles in it. I used it for dummies, teething rings and weaning spoons too.

Some of the milton steriisers come with plastic tongs and a tray. The tray sits on the surface to keep the bottles below water level and the tongs allow you to retrieve the bottle parts.

CoffeeMum Sun 25-Oct-09 09:40:50

Thanks McAli. That sounds good about the plastic tongs and tray, but i've just checked the Mothercare catalogue and website, and there's no mention of this on either. It's out of stock anyway! hmm

Can i ask, did you get the microwave sterlizer as back up? Would you say you'd need a back up with the Milton method? We have a travel sterilizer which would do i suppose...

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