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14 month old self weaning? I'm not ready! [warning contains ref to MMC]

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FullMooniMarmite Sat 24-Oct-09 19:16:51

Ds is 14 months tomorrow and has more or less refused his evening feed for the last two nights.

I think there is some relevant background to this in that I had a MMC this week and an ERPC on Wednesday. I decided not to feed him on Wednesday evening as I had been given quite a variety of drugs during the op. We gave him a large meal and he took a while to settle that evening but eventually went to sleep and woke at his usual time the following morning.

He fed as normal the following evening but for the last two nights he has been asking for more food at the dinner table (we have offered plain yoghurt in addition to his usual fruit) and then not really wanted to take his feed. He also has a feed in the morning which he seems to be taking normally.

I have been considering stopping bfing by the end of the year anyway but had not made a concrete decision yet. I've had an emotional week because of my pregnancy coming to an end so I really didn't want to be giving up the feed this week but I need to do what is best for him, of course.

I don't know what to do for the best. If he is ready to give up this feed now then perhaps I should encourage that rather than put us both through a more difficult weaning process later on? I could still keep the morning feed until he loses interest or I decide to wean him from that one too.

Alternatively I could reduce his evening meal so that he keeps the feed. I feel mean doing that though given that he is asking for more food.

I worry a bit about him being adequately hydrated as he doesn't seem to be increasing his intake of water and isn't interested in cow's milk.

I also wonder (this might be one for Tiktok) if there is any known link between this kind of behaviour and a changing hormonal state in the mother.

I'm aware that all of this might sound like I am worrying over nothing, I probably am - I think this is just happening sooner than I expected and at a time that is difficult for me to give this up.

Your thoughts and experience gratefully received as always.


mathanxiety Sat 24-Oct-09 21:10:40

Commiserations to you. Hope you're recovering steadily. Your DS might just have decided it's time to move on, gastronomically. Giving up bfing isn't the end of your relationship -- it will continue in a different way, but it's hard to deal with all the loss at once all the same.

FullMooniMarmite Sat 31-Oct-09 14:18:40

Thanks Mathanxiety

A few days on and he is taking the feed again so we'll see how it goes smile

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