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change in milk supply at 6 weeks

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kathhere Sat 24-Oct-09 11:55:59

hello - today's query/worry is:
I/m sure a few weeks ago my lovely NCT BFC said that at 6 weeks or so, your milk supply changed in line with baby feeding patterns and (implied) it was best to keep to regular feeding routine to ensure milk supply

MY DD is 6 weeks today and in no kind of routine, feeding on demand in day time and bottles of EBM at night

The question is, will there be a change in milk supply and should I worry (well of course I'll worry but is it necessary?)


gemmac1 Sat 24-Oct-09 11:59:07

Hi Kathhere, my dd is 8 weeks old and she still feeds on demand during the day and has bottles at night and I havnt noticed any difference in my milk supply. I wasnt aware that there would be?

CharCharGabor Sat 24-Oct-09 12:08:49

Well around 6 weeks your breasts adjust to baby's demand and therefore can feel softer and 'emptier.' This doesn't mean you have any less milk, but that your breasts are more efficient at making the milk your DD needs. At first breastmilk production is controlled by the hormone prolactin but as time progresses it becomes more dependent on the stimulation of the baby. A routine is not necessary but regular stimulation of the breasts is important. I am sure someone else with more of a clue about the bottle side of it will come along soon. HTH a bit smile

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