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Have I got mastitis? Advice needed

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mumofoliver Fri 23-Oct-09 12:00:46


For various reasons I am weaning my DD onto formula. have been doing it slowly over the past 4-6 weeks and 3 days ago am just on morning and night feeds only (she is sleeping through). I woke up this morning to find both sides sore with one side more tender than the other. I also started to feel a bit achey. Neither boobs have any red patches - one has what looks like a red line but is the least sore side and my DD has got sharp finger nails at the moment and she does like to flail her arms about when feeding wink

I suppose what I want to know is if I do develop mastitis (and I'm not convinced that I have any blocked ducts and it could be my body getting used to having 12 hours between feeds), what do I do as I am trying to cut down the BF. I know the advice is to feed regularly off the bad side but won't I start to build up my supply when I don't want to? Or do I deal with the blockage/mastitis first and then once better, concentrate on dropping the BF again?

I took a couple of paracetamol earlier and feel a bit better plus have just had a quick nap as am exhausted so the aching might be nothing to do with my boobs at all!

Ended up with a breast abscess with my DS so hope you can understand that am paranoid about blockages!

crankytwanky Fri 23-Oct-09 12:22:03

I'd contact a BF councilor or HV, or GP if it gets worse. You can be hospitalised for a bad case of Mastitis, I believe.

In the mean time, a hot bath with flannels on your norks should help a bit, and cabbage leaves in your bra.

joyjac Sat 24-Oct-09 10:06:23

Second the advice to get RL BF expert help. If it is mastitis you are best to continue feeding through as stopping completely may make things worse. Once you're over the infection then you can get back to dropping the feeds.

mumofoliver Sat 24-Oct-09 19:35:24

Thanks for help - think I might have to speak to someone as although I'm not as sore as I was yesterday, I think there is definitely a blockage there. sad

chipsticksmammy Sat 24-Oct-09 21:49:10

I've just has surgery to remove a breast abscess, so contact your GP for advice.

Mine didnt start off as much, just felt hot for a few days. By the time I got help, there was no chance for the antibiotics to have got rid of it. I also didnt have any red patches, even when the lump became massive.

You wont be bothering anyone, better to be safe than sorry.

Try hot baths/cloths and cabbage until someone can advise you better.

Hope it gets better for you xx

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