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Probably paranoid worries about my frequent feeding DD2

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Hadeda Thu 22-Oct-09 14:39:14

I think I'm looking for some reassurance, and some tips please...

DD2 is 15 weeks. She is excl BF and was born on the 75th centile and is now on the 95th. To get there you need to eat a lot - and she does! I realised last night that she has never gone more than 3 hours between feeds. It's normally every 2 hours but is every hour or hour and a half at the moment - which I think is a growth spurt.

So, I have two questions:
1. We are co-sleeping - with a toddler, and feeds every 2 hours (or less) I'd be a zombie otherwise. I would LOVE some more sleep! At the moment she sleeps in her basket from about 8pm to about 10pm but I cannot get her back into her basket after the 10pm feed, she just wants to be in with us. My theory is that she might wait a bit longer between feeds if she wasn't snuggled up to the milky bar. Any tips on how I might get her to go back into her basket? I am also a bit worried about making it very difficult to get her into her own bed later on.

2. Feeding every 2 hours - really? And the 95th centile? DD1 was a little thing (slow weight gain drama, formula top ups suggested, visits too the paediatrician) so I think I am finding the size of this little chunky pudding hard to comprehend. I keep telling myself that it's not like I'm feeding her pizza and chips, but I am worried that she's putting on too much weight. Please tell me I'm being stupid!!

Just read this back and I do sound like a bit of a paranoid idiot, but it is bothering me so would love some words of wisdom....

StealthPolarBear Thu 22-Oct-09 15:38:53

IMO you're paranoid about the weight Even if you could overfeed a bf baby, she's on the chart of 'normal' weight - i.e. normal, nothing to worry about.
I too am struggling with the basket thing. Seem to have some joy with making sure she is fed wrapped tightly in a blanket and then put down in that blanket - no good to put her down then blanket over her. Still doesn't always work, and could very well be coincidence!

Hadeda Fri 23-Oct-09 15:26:33

Thank you StealthPB!
She managed an astounding 8 mins in her basket after her 10:30pm feed last night.... I think this may be a long slow process. But today she managed 3 hours between a feed before going back to 2 hourly and was looking v cute and alert at baby massage so I felt a bit better about creating the incredible hulkette grin

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