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Positive breastfeeding on telly!

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notcitrus Thu 22-Oct-09 12:53:02

See Hear recently interviewed a deaf midwife and followed her through a day at work. She had about 2 minutes to talk and mentioned breastfeeding three times, including explaining that many women find it hard at first so she was going in to help one woman with it. Both the new mothers shown in the programme were breastfeeding.

The programme's still available here:
The segment with the midwife is near the start for about 10 minutes.

Poledra Thu 22-Oct-09 12:59:15

DD3 obviously felt I should see that - I was at home with her yesterday as she was sick, and she kept changing to telly to See Hear. As I was trying to watch a back episode of Holby, I was not best chuffed...... And she keeps leaving teeth marks on the remote grin

notcitrus Thu 22-Oct-09 13:08:40

Heh. DS seemed quite fascinated by the programme. I have to put the remotes on the back of the sofa away from him but soon he'll be able to climb and get them. I can't fob him off with the inactive ones any more!

I think he's going to have to get a proper toy laptop for Christmas (he'll be 15 months...)

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