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16 week old baby brimging up a lot of milk after bottle feeding

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Trialanderrorparenting Thu 22-Oct-09 10:57:18

My DD is 16 weeks old and is FF. She has started being really pukey after bottle feeding, even say an hour after feeding, Shes been on a regular formula for her stage, but have tried a new formula which is designed for comfort / easy digestion. She hasnt been sick at all today which is encouraging but wondered if anyone else had this sicky baby problem and what worked.
An idea of how bad it is, she will be fed, then be sick and require full outfit changes and leave puddles of undigested milk everywhere.

luciemule Thu 22-Oct-09 11:10:30

If it's more than just a little bit after the feed, then it might be a tummy bug making her sick as it's only come on at 16 weeks (you didn't say if you bf before then).
Or it could be the type of formula.
Do you mean she hasn't been sick today since bbeing on the new formula?
If it continues, try to keep her as upright as possible when feeding and keep her in a sitting position when awake. When in her cot, you could raise the head end slightly to prevent her being sick as much.

Becasue of the amount you say, it's probably a bug though. With FF babies, gastro type bugs tend to hang around for longer anyway so if she's not right in a day or so, maybe pop her to the GP.

Trialanderrorparenting Thu 22-Oct-09 11:18:10

Ive been FF for about a month now, she has always been a bit sicky, but since say Saturday it has got a bit silly and she is bringing up too much, but still seems to want to drink lots of milk which I thought might be because she was losing lots. I'm staying with my MIL for a bit of help which is why I haven't seen a health visitor / doctor as we have been away from home, but I will see how it goes the next couple of days and maybe take her to their doctor. She hasn't puked up anything today which is interesting and not sure whether down to formula change or maybe she is just recovering from something. Yesterday she seemed quite uncomfortable and gripey. My mil gave her gripe water yesterday which seemed to help a bit.

philly123 Thu 22-Oct-09 16:27:32

My 16 week old baby is being very sick after every feed and then carries on to be a little sick right up until the next feed, although at least he is feeding now as last week he refused all feeds when awake and i could only feed him when asleep, He is normally a very happy baby and sleeps from 7 till 3 then till 7, but the last couple of nights he has been all over the place, i think i'm gonna take him to the doctors if he is like it again tonight. He is formula fed and a big boy, he is also consipated at the moment i managed to squeeze a little hard poo out of him earlier after a warm bath, massage then holding his legs up to his chest. I'm wondering if its teething!!

luciemule Thu 22-Oct-09 19:03:36

philly123, you can add a teaspoon of fresh orange juice or prune juice to some boiled water to help him from being constipated.
Trial and error - hope your dd gets better soon.

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