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3 1/2 DD very strange poo...

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oceana Thu 22-Oct-09 04:14:14

Not another poo question! (I can hear the rolling eyes) Yes, sorry, this is my second baby so I don't think I am being overly paranoid. She is a generally happy little thing, she feeds well, she is on 97th percentile for weight and length (well, last time I had her checked which was quite a while ago). Anyway, she has had very strange poos for ages now. They are dark forest green, mucussy (sp?) and explosive - nappies do not contain them! I haven't been worried about it because she is happy and seems to be thriving but it has been going on a long time now. I haven't seen those mustard yellow poos for months now. Should I be worried. Oh, she is exclusively breastfed. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

oceana Thu 22-Oct-09 04:15:07

and whoops, that should be 3 1/2 month old DD

NotQuiteCockney Thu 22-Oct-09 07:25:45

I would put this in the 'babies are weird' category, and not worry about it, frankly. If her weight is fine, and she is happy and active, well, hey, it's poo.

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