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Please tell me about your 6ish month olds routine - ours has gone all over the place

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jumpyjan Tue 20-Oct-09 13:57:57

DS is nearly 6 months and has been on solids for 2 weeks now. Its very early days and he is just really having first tastes of veg/fruit mixed with baby rice.

However, this week he has been totally uninterestied in breast feeding (unless its the bedtime feed or 3am!) and I am fed up of feeling engorged. I would like to move on to bottles now anyway but not sure how many he needs a day and when to offer them.

His naps are also a bit odd as he seems to want to sleep straight after breakfast (8ish) for 45mins then a long nap at about 10.30 with maybe another mini nap in the afternoon.

Would love to know what others are doing.

mummyspice Tue 20-Oct-09 16:55:56

Hi jumpyjan. I started weaning DS at 5 months and found the same thing happened. He started to have really short breastfeeds and i was worried he wasn't getting enough milk. I moved him to bottles one feed at a time so i could see the actual amount he took but have kept the early morning as bf.

Found if i gave him 4 milk feeds a day he went back to sleeping well - early morning milk, then breakfast, mid morning milk, lunch, mid afternoon milk, dinner and bedtime milk. I dropped the afternoon milk feed quite quickly as he didn't want his dinner. Should be around 20 fl oz a day and that can include dairy in his food once you introduce them.
I found the guides in Annabel Karmel books good to follow to see how much they should be eating.

My DS also has v strange naps - wakes at 6am and then wants a nap at about half eight, sometimes at one and then a small nap late afternoon.

Don't know if it is true but a friend once told me their sleep can be distrubted at each key developmental phase when they are processing new information.

Hope this is of some use. It is a bit stressful at first wondering if you're doing it right but my DS soon lets me know if he hasn't had enough!

jumpyjan Thu 22-Oct-09 13:57:35

Thanks mummyspice you post is v helpful. I have now moved him on to bottles during the day and am b/f first thing, bedtime and when he wakes in the night. He is just as uninterested in bottles as he is in breastfeeding at the moment.

I have upped his solids a bit and he is loving that so I am trying to incorporate a lot of formula into his solid meals so he is at least getting some milk that way.

Hopefully he will get interested in the milk again sometime soon.

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