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I want to get pregnant but still exc. bf 5.5 month old....what are the chances?

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cfc Mon 19-Oct-09 17:00:01

When we went on holiday to Kefalonia in Sep (17 - 27th) I had a visit from the witch that is AF from about the 19th for a few days (typical, eh?!) so I am fertile again...I think.

I am still waiting for this month's visit however. Have tested but neg so far

What are the chances that I'll get pg within the time I'm BF. I won't stop BF my son to get pregnant, but we've decided to ttc and I want to get started!

Thanks in advance for any advice. Will also dig out my Taking Charge of your Fertility!

alarkaspree Mon 19-Oct-09 17:03:03

Lots of people get pregnant while they are still breastfeeding. I did although dd was 13 months old and only having 2 or 3 feeds a day. If you are menstruating I don't think there is any reason why you can't get pregnant.

cfc Mon 19-Oct-09 17:07:43

Thanks A. He's not feeding in the night now but having 5 during the day and I think that the bleed I had was AF - It couldn't be anything else I

Practice Practice Practice it is then! Hubby will be made up!

stillstanding Mon 19-Oct-09 17:11:21

I started having my period once DS went onto solids (ie 6 months) but I only fell pregnant 3 months after I stopped bfing. This was after a year of trying. I've no idea if this was a coincidence or not - the research I did suggested that if you were having your period you were likely to be ovulating but bf does affect your hormones and the doctors weren't interested in my lack of TTC progress until I had stopped bf. Good luck!

Rosebud05 Mon 19-Oct-09 21:50:50

If I remember correctly, you don't always ovulate the first couple of cycles post birth. Having said that, my period started before dd was 6 months (exc bf) and went into a regular cycle. good luck.

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