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chibi update! it is good news!

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chibi Mon 19-Oct-09 12:03:26

we saw a paed today for ds (on an unrelated to weight matter) but she pronounced his growth 'fine' and he is officially thriving.

i am happy that after everything we have been through - rocky start to bf after a prem birth, suggestions he is plateauing, that i don't have enough milk, etc. he is officially fine. smile

one thing i am a bit hmm about is that my hv came to weigh him last week, and it was implied that if he hadn't gained 'enough' there would have to be a rethink of bf and probably topping up.

Anyway, he put on about 4oz a week over 3 weeks - this is what he's been doing for a couple of months now, and what caused the big concern initially.

i told the hv that he was happy, doing the right no. of wees + poos, meeting developmental milestones and that i had no worries.

'o ok then' she said.

i don't get it - his weight gain was as 'bad' as it's been, she made it sound like he was on the verge of failing to thrive, but if i say i'm happy that's it?

if it wasn't a concern, why get me all wound uo? if it was a concern, why brush it off on my say-so?

whatever, i have the word of the paed now and will quote this as needed!

i will also not have ds weighed again till after i start weaning i think. smile

MatNanPlus Mon 19-Oct-09 18:42:57

Glad that is settled and your happy and ds is officially fine

WUGYouLETMeBiteYourNeck Mon 19-Oct-09 22:05:57

great! so pleased for you

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