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I want to drop a feed, should I do it? how?

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beansmum Mon 13-Jun-05 09:58:43

ds is 12 1/2 months and bfed 3-4 times a day, morning, 2pm, and then twice in the evening. I love feeding him and want to carry on for ages yet, but I'd quite like to cut out the 2pm feed soon. I want to be able to wear dresses this summer!

How do I know if he needs it or if he's ready to drop it? And how do I go about dropping it if he doesn't need it? I think if I just left it up to him to wean himself he would still be feeding 4 times a day when he starts school!

beansmum Mon 13-Jun-05 10:34:13


Tommy Mon 13-Jun-05 10:36:20

The way I did it with DS2 at the same age was just to be "busy" one day and not get round to feeding him - or just give him a beaker of milk after lunch and not make a big fuss about it.

moondog Mon 13-Jun-05 10:42:39

Yes,just drop it! He loves it but I'm sure he dosn't need it nutritionally speaking.
Know how you feel-my 11 month old gave up three days ago,his choice not mine. Got some nice new clothes to celebrate,put a new outfit on today and he promptly threww up on my sleeve (he never throws up!)


beansmum Mon 13-Jun-05 10:44:26

I actaully thought he had dropped it himself, had a few days where he ddin't ask for it and I didn't offer, but then he went back to normal again.

Will he need milk in some other form, or if I offer water during the day and just make sure he gets tons of milk in his meals would that be ok?

beansmum Mon 13-Jun-05 10:45:11


moondog Mon 13-Jun-05 10:47:39

Mine has hardly b/fed from 8 months and has never drunk milk (same as his sister). They have lots of yoghurt,milk on cereal and cheese.Truss yourself into a pretty dress so that he can't break in!

beansmum Mon 13-Jun-05 10:57:25

I feel a bit guilty wanting to drop this feed, there's really no reason not to carry on, and when I thought he had dropped it himself I was so upset! I don't think he needs it though. Will wait until the weekend and then make sure we are busy all day, if he complains I'll just offer him a cup of water or milk.

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