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How many pooey nappies?

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pooexplosions Mon 19-Oct-09 00:28:00

My DC3 is 18 days old, and exclusively BF. He was a little early, jaundiced and sleepy and quite slow to get the hang of feeding. We are doing better now, latch not perfect but nearly, and he has regained birthweight plus put on about 400g.
I know a question often asked when seeing if they are feeding enough is about frequencey of wet and dirty nappies. He has lots of wet nappies, big soaked through ones, but seems to poo infrequently, only once in the last 24 hours, and maybe once the day before for example. Is this normal? I know DC1 pooed 10 times a day in the early stages, and DC2 did plenty too (though he has a digestie disorder so is not a good yardstick)

Should I be worried about this lack of poo? He suffers with trapped wind too and often has a rigid, distended stomach which needs massage and lots of winding. Health visitor recommends a bottle of cool boiled water but I don't own any bottle equipment and am reluctant to give anything but BM at this delicate stage.

Any advice?

pipWereRabbit Mon 19-Oct-09 01:00:49

My DD would occassionally go a week at a time without pooing. She was exclusively BF too and didn't seem to suffer any ill-effects.

Once we started weaning her we suddenly had loads of pooey nappies - came as a bit of a shock grin.

tiktok Mon 19-Oct-09 09:34:01

Infrequent poos with these gaps of a week or more are only usual in babies beyond the newborn.

In a baby of this age, lack of poo is a sign to check out weight and wellness - your baby's weight sounds fine, OP, and apart from the apparent windiness, he seems well, so all seems ok

Babies don't normally benefit from water at this stage and though it's sometimes recommended for wind, there's no real evidence it works and no reason why it should.

FairySparkles Tue 20-Oct-09 17:37:36

my baby is 18 days old too - and is pooing the same! infact she didn't even poo yesterday and I was up for an hour and half with her crying last night - so I've spoken to my midwife and apparently its very normal for bfed babies to go every 2 or even 3 days without a poo - bmilk leaves very little waste products so they have hardly anything to expel, they should be wee'ing frequently tho! While their body adjusts to finding their own 'poo pattern' they can suffer with trapped wind, so my mw advised to give infacol (which I used with dd1 actually and worked well), also you could eat and/or drink oranges/orange juice as this will put a bit of laxative effect into your bmilk. No need to give extra water tho - bmilk has all that covered!
Hope that helps smile

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