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breast milk to spare

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esthermate Sun 18-Oct-09 23:49:47

Hi all, thought I would get your thoughts on this as you seem to be a bunch ofreally helpful mothers!

As my baby has never latched on, I made the decision to express my breastmilk for every feed. This was not an easy choice but I wanted her to have the best milk and so far it has ok- Time consuming but worth it.

It turns out I am a good milker as I am producing way too much milk when I express. I did start to freeze the excess but now my freezer is full, so I am now at the stage of throwing it away.

This seems a real waste. I looked into donating it to a milk bank, but as I live in Wales there are no milk banks here (which is dissapointing!).

It seems a real waste to just throw it away so I wondered if anyone had any advice on how I could put it to better use!

claudialyman Mon 19-Oct-09 00:15:42

cant help but good on you for the thought. sad that theres no milk banks in wales, not like theres no children who could benefit. good luck

moondog Mon 19-Oct-09 00:24:06

Where are you? Countess of Chester (Chester) collect from North Wales.

moondog Mon 19-Oct-09 00:24:49

Good for you for expressing. It's hard work.
One MNer made soap out of her spare milk!

esthermate Mon 19-Oct-09 00:35:37

soap= now thats interesting. Perhaps I could give it to my cat instead.

I live in south wales

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 19-Oct-09 05:21:45

That's such a shame about the milk banks- I can't believe there are none in Wales! Are you chucking the freshly expressed stuff or the oldest frozen milk each time?

esthermate Mon 19-Oct-09 21:18:06

I'm currently chucking out the fresh stuff but will have to also start chucking out the frozen stuff too.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 19-Oct-09 21:21:05

Once you start weaning you can use it in your lo's food.

I'm in south wales too and was disappointed that I couldn't donate my spare ebm.

PacificWerewolfwoohood Mon 19-Oct-09 21:24:43

Could you not gradually start expressing less often/less long periods of time and thereby decrease your supply until it kind of matches your LO's demand?

envy at your problem, though..

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