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BF help please – 8 day old baby asleep 99% of the time!

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robberbutton Sun 18-Oct-09 18:13:34

Had my third dc last Saturday – 9lbs 9oz (4.34kg). Breastfeeding has been going well (sore nipples at first, but fine now). The trouble is, baby is really sleepy and can easily go 3-4 hours between feeds if I let her. She only wakes up a couple of times at night as well. I read on kellymom that newborns should feed a minimum of every 2 hours. The trouble is when I do wake her to feed, she never takes very much. If I wait for her to signal hunger (rooting etc) then she has a good feed from both sides.

Midwife came today and baby weighs 20g less than at birth – MW didn’t seem to think this was a problem. Should I thank God for an easy baby (for now at least!) or should I be making an effort to feed her more frequently?


tiktok Sun 18-Oct-09 18:20:15

robberbutton - that weight is good news, what about poos and wees?

Newborns need to be kept close and skin to skin with mum to ensure they feed when they need to. This is usually several times day and night, without the baby needing to be specially woken.

However, some babies are fine with fewer feeds.

It can vary a lot.

Hard to be sure what's happening with your baby but the weight and the midwife's reassurance today and both good things

robberbutton Sun 18-Oct-09 20:51:43

Thank you tiktok

Baby DD is pooing and weeing well - I'm not counting exactly but I change her several times a day (after each feed, normally) and she is always dirty (yellow scrambled egg) and wet.

After a disasterous attempt at a routine with DC1, I now try and hold my babies as much as possible, and I sleep with her at night so there's no restriction on feeds. I thought the holding was what was keeping her asleep - she's always cuddled and comfy!

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