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DS nearly 1 - DH says I expect you'll stop bf now!!!

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katieskids Sat 17-Oct-09 22:24:32

I have loved bf ds (11.5m) and have followed his lead to BLW which is so different from the puree route I followed with my others. The milk feeds have continued to be important to him. My others cut out milk to just morning and night and by 10 months bf had finished. Whereas T has wake up (6.30), 10.30 ish, 4ish and 18.30 (bedtime) and also middle of the night. So my DHs casual remark has knocked me, am I wrong to want to continue, should he drop the day feeds and how to do it? My DH works away during the week and last wkend DS was blanking him so he gave a bottle of formula (only 2nd one, other was when 3wks old) at bedtime and ds messed about flicking the teat,pushing it in and spitting out milk. I ended up bf him before he got upset, so I don't think bottle feeding will be an option. Am I weird wanting to carry on?

whyme2 Sat 17-Oct-09 22:31:22

You are definately not weird. bf can be a lovely cosy time together. Perhaps DH thinks it is time for you dc to grow up a bit which is why he isdropping hints.
Ask your dh why he thinks you need to stop bf.

Also probably not worth giving dc a bottle at this age when he could use a cup if you are not available.

morocco Sat 17-Oct-09 22:35:22

dh was the same. dd is 2 1/2 now and he only makes the odd comment about stopping before she leaves for uni now grin. in fact he winds me up now by saying thingsd like 'go and ask mummy for some mummy milk' when he knows full well I'm trying to only feed when she asks now! just do what works for you and ds which sounds like bf? now he's 1, your dh can have bonding moments with him in lots of other ways - reading a bedtime story, doing bath time, playing etc.

do you want to drop any feeds? do you need to for work etc? if not, and if it's still working for you and your ds, then I wouldn't worry about it.

(no need to move onto bottles or formula at all even if you do stop bf - go straight to cow's milk in cups and save yourself the hassle of having to train him out of the habit of bottles)

katieskids Sat 17-Oct-09 22:36:55

Thankyou, I think that is what he was meaning. What sort of cup do you suggest a doidy or sippy cup. Ds is not the most reliable with a sippy cup, he loves to shake it about and create a shower of water over everyone. I must admit that I found his reaction to the bottle quite amusing grin

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 17-Oct-09 22:44:21

My DS is 10mo and I have just broken it to DH that I will not be stopping BF when I go back to work in the New Year. He isn't v happy because he wants to take him away overnight like he does regularly with DD but I totally understand that when BF is going well for you both, you want to carry on.

At the moment DS feeds roughly 0630, 11ish, 4ish, 9ish, then dreamfeed and a couple of short feeds in the night. I am planning on bits of cows milk in a cup when I'm not available, he takes water happily and eats tons of food, BLW like you.

I think it can be hard for them to understand how special the BF is to us, I was also a bit hmm when DH said how much he was 'looking forward' [gulp!] to me stopping. I think it just hadn't occurred to my DH that I would continue - maybe that is the case with yours also?

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