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ready to give up at 7 weeks.....

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yentil Fri 16-Oct-09 14:26:27

is it normal to still have no routine or seemingly to have made little 'progress' at 7 weeks. I have BF through thrush (still treating), tongue tie (corrected but now baby seems to latch randomly), sore nipples (now healed) sleep depravation (on going) for seven weeks and DD is still fussing at the breast. I still don't know if she is tired as routes and cries at same time, used to be just in evenings but now during the day. I AM FED UP AND EXHAUSTED.

i feel that no progress has been made. still feeding eracticially (2 hourly for 5 min, then hourly for 2 min, or 3 hourly for 15 min or cluster feeding or refusing to feed and just fussy.. and who knows what of the above i will get each day and when

Oh yes we do get the text book dream feed at 3am which seems to be the best: active feeding for 15 min then back to sleep...not all bad).

i am short tempered with hubby and DD1 (aged 4), at my wits end and frankly not enjoying my new baby. what should i do now.......

defineme Fri 16-Oct-09 14:33:25

I'm not an expert, but I remember with ds1 that I very very nearly gave up at 8weeks because I couldn't leave the house he fed so often and cried and fussed and was up every hour in the night. Then he seemed to settle down within the week and I was still feeding him a year later. I think it may have been a growth spurt or maybe some babies take that long to settle down.
Tbh with a 4yrold to deal with you may not feel that great breastfeeding or not - when Ii had my twins and a 3yrold I just put my head down in grim determination. I looked up at 6mths when they slept 7-6 and it was a little miracle. You have to do the daily grind with a 4 yrold even though you're sleep deprived -really hard for all of you.
Things will get better. You've had a tough time. Maybe hang on in there a little longer and look for some support with the 4yrold?

yentil Fri 16-Oct-09 17:15:54

yes i am trying to get as much support with my 4 year old as possible but it is hard sometimes. i feel better having just ben out for a walk. sometimes i think i need to just get some fresh air and re-groupsmile

HerMomminess Fri 16-Oct-09 17:22:54

Hang in there yentil!I' m tyoing with 1 hand whil bf-ing.I only have my firstborn 10week old dd, and that was hard enough.

You're doing great with 2 kids!

Seecond the fresh air plan.Don' t know wher you are but we have had some gorgeous autumn days in Scotland. Try to get out for your sanity.

Rachee Fri 16-Oct-09 17:35:40

check the tongue tie again, sometimes they can miss abit, or it can re-heal.
Fresh air, excellent....
change of scenery very good to....
take yourselves to playgroups so the little one can run, and others would love a cuddle.
They do have a growth spurt about this age to.
Try sleeping with baby so you can sleep and baby can feed.
try other positions when he is fussing, lyy back and pop baby on your chest let baby find your nipple , works great.
Fussing babys can sometimes just be doing what nature wants, ie stimulating your breasts.... bobbing up and down in and out, try hand expressing a bit before hand, and massaging, so the work is done....
A few ideas
Rachee ( BF counsellor, le leche legue)

salbysea Fri 16-Oct-09 20:26:30

if I could go back in time I would have ditched BFing.
the first couple of months were completely consumed with BFing issues like pain, exhaustion, thrush etc and I wish I had some memories of enjoying him in the early weeks rather than looking back and all I can remember is the trauma of BFing

I kept doing "just one more day" but the days turned into weeks etc. It didnt get easier till 3mths. I am sad about the bonding we didnt get to do at the start because everything revolved around the torture that was BFing.

Just another point of view. There are Cons as well as Pros to BFing and i think the decision to continue/stop should be taken on an individual basis. For me I should have quit. There were so many Cons. I dreaded him waking up from naps as it meant feeding and felt dreadful and drained afterwards, hubby got all the good stuff as I was either feeding or recovering from last feed.

Mummy369 Fri 16-Oct-09 21:38:37

Thrush can also be the cause of trapped wind, and unfortunately the treatment can also contribute to trapped wind. You may need to grit your teeth for a little while longer, until the Thrush has been eradicated and treatment completed.

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