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Tips for using Daktarin Gel

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forevermore Thu 15-Oct-09 19:18:32

DD2 7 weeks and has had thrush from day one ( i think); now confirmed by a paed consultant after two GP's said just milk for weeksangry. I have started daktarin cream for me and gel for LO. But i was told to use a chick pea amount 3x a day and this is really hard to put on her tongue without her spitting it out, or worse gagging. will i ever get rid of this. I previously used nystatin which just ruined clothes and did nothing after 3 weeks of treatment.

any tips on how to put so much daktarin on her tongue (its thickly coated white)??

also should i insist on taking fluconazole even if no real breast pain just occasional shooting painand sometimes i think i am imagining it.

TIA for your advice

DawnAS Thu 15-Oct-09 19:23:59

Oh I could have written your post a few weeks ago. My LO had thrush from day one and it wasn't treated until she was 12 weeks old as they didn't believe me and said it was milk!! angry

The Daktarin gel really works so once you get the knack of it, it'll work wonders.

We found that putting it on her tongue after a nappy change helped as she was chilled out and more importantly, laying down.

Also, to prevent the gagging, we didn't put it too far down the back of her tongue but because she moved it around her tongue herself, it still did the trick. Rub it around her tongue, gums and roof of her mouth. Take your time over it and most of it will have been swallowed before she has chance to spit it out.

In the end, our DD actually started to like the taste and would clamp her gums down on her finger so we couldn't take it out again... grin Hopefully this will happen with you.

We were FF so not sure how she got it? hmm But can I suggest maybe putting some on your nipples aswell just before a feed, so she will be getting some without realising it? They suggested us doing that with the teats and it seemed to work aswell.

Stick with it hun, you'll get there!!



forevermore Thu 15-Oct-09 19:28:10

thanks dawn. how long until you saw it start to get rid if the white coating? how much did you use and how often?

should i take the tablets too do you think.

DawnAS Thu 15-Oct-09 19:39:01

Oooh, I'm not sure about the tablets to be honest as I wasn't BF so didn't have it myself... Are they Ok to take when you're BF? If so then yes, I'd take them.

We actually saw an amazing difference in just one week, not completely gone (but remember there was 12 weeks worth of it!), but a definite improvement. Then within the next two weeks, it disappeared completely and we saw Ellie's lovely little pink tongue for the first time! smile

TBH, I probably overdid it and gave it every time I changed her nappy blush, but it did work.

But just be warned, you may find that once it's cleared up, her feeding may be effected for a while. Remember that she's been tasting your Breastmilk with a horrid taste and a different feeling in her mouth so when it's cleared, it will feel and taste completely differently. Ellie actually took barely any milk for a good week or two after it had cleared and we're still getting her back on track now (hence all my panicky threads on here), so please try not to worry too much if her weight gain isn't as good as usual. Make sure that the HV is aware of the thrush though if her weight is affected.


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