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how many poo's is too many in a 12 week old

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pippa251 Thu 15-Oct-09 10:07:41

My 12 week DD has had 4 poos already today and 6 yesterday- she usually had 2 max. She's exclusivley BF- is this ok? She seems fine and is also weeing normally


IsItMeOr Thu 15-Oct-09 10:24:06

I'm no expert (just one 7mo), but iirc they go through phases with lots of poo, then some with no poos for days (DS wasn't so comfortable when this lasted 5 days or so).

If she seems fine and the wees normal, I'm pretty sure she will be okay. Ask the HV when you next see them, or give them a ring if you're worried. They won't mind smile.

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