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Breastfeeding in public - petition

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Feffi Sat 11-Jun-05 11:55:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarsLady Sat 11-Jun-05 12:00:43

signed it a while ago

snafu Sat 11-Jun-05 12:07:21

Quite a few of us signed it a couple of months ago, but no harm in bumping it again anyway Thanks Feffi

Gillian76 Sat 11-Jun-05 12:12:52

I'm sure I have. Noticed Sheila Kitzinger has too!

ABow Sat 11-Jun-05 12:17:37

I didn't know about it and just signed it

jessicasmummy Sat 11-Jun-05 12:20:14

didnt know about ti and have signed.

likklemum Sat 11-Jun-05 12:53:49

I didnt know about it either and have just signed it. Mind you, if anyone told me to stop breastfeeding in public id tell them to eff off. I dont care where i do it, McDonalds or Mothercare...makes no difference to me!

When my mum was breastfeeding in restrooms inside the ladies toilets in our local shopping 10yrs ago, the cleaner told her she was probably offending OTHER WOMEN! and that she should wait til she got home.Appaulling!

ABow Sat 11-Jun-05 15:23:27

Hear hear likklemum!

beansprout Sat 11-Jun-05 15:48:41

I read on here a while ago that someone gets "pissed off with these women feeding in Starbucks". Excellent. I think of them every time I feed in Starbucks!!!

fastasleep Sat 11-Jun-05 16:37:05

I think the same should go for expressing... trust me you get even worse abuse when you attach yourself to a machine that goes 'BUUUUZZZ SUCK SUCK BUZZZZZZZZZ SUCK SUCK' even when you hide in the toilets ashamedly!!

I signed this before too

starlover Sat 11-Jun-05 16:38:33

tbh, i am not sure WHY it needs to be made an offence.

at the end of the day no-one can actually rip your child off your breast and stop you doing it!

fastasleep Sat 11-Jun-05 16:41:13

It should be publicly made an offence to stop horrible people walking up to you as a fragile new mum and shouting a barrage of abuse at you! It's not nice, maybe if they were made aware it was illegal they would stop it.

starlover Sat 11-Jun-05 16:43:58

this is true, i was thinking about it only in terms of people telling you you couldn't do it.

unfortunately you're never going to stop the tutting, and evil glares etc... which are just as bad.

I have signed the petition, and do agree with it to a certain extent. But I have to say that I have little faith in it having an effect.
I mean, if you are b/f in public and someone says anything to you... what happens? you call the police? they're too busy to come out... said person has already p£$^ed off!

I dunno

starlover Sat 11-Jun-05 16:44:17

btw, i realise i am being very negative about the whole thing!!!

fastasleep Sat 11-Jun-05 16:44:53

I know what you mean... but we can at least try lol

starlover Sat 11-Jun-05 16:46:40

yes... this is very true!

lol can you imagine though... police chasing someone down the street because they told someone not to breastfeed! LOL

fastasleep Sat 11-Jun-05 16:47:42

that would make my day!

snafu Sat 11-Jun-05 16:50:00

It's more about establishments - shops, restaurants - not expecting bf-ing mothers to feed in the toilets, rather than trying to stop individuals tutting (although that would be nice!).

In Scotland, where this is a new piece of legislation, shops etc can be fined if they actively prevent a mother from breastfeeding on their premises.

Magscat Sat 11-Jun-05 16:50:27

Have many of you really had evil glares or been 'told off' for b/f in public? If so, I'm outraged.
I've b/f everywhere - parks, beaches, pubs, cafes, shopping centres, museums & no-one has ever made me feel uncomfortable.

I'm not sure what I'd do if someone challenged me because I feel really strongly about my right to b/f anywhere but I hate confrontation and if they were scary enough I'm not sure I'd stand up to them.

starlover Sat 11-Jun-05 16:52:08

snafu.. point taken. and i do kind of agree with the petition in principle.

but i mean... if i was feeding ds ina restaurant and the manager came over and told me i couldn't... i would just sit there and carry on. And quite frankly there is nothing he could do about it!

But then, i suppose there are people who would up and go.

fastasleep Sat 11-Jun-05 16:53:11

I've been given the 'there's a weirdo in that cubicle' at least 10 times, and lots of weird stares but I can't really blame them because I was expressing and most people have never seen a breastpump before.. I know someone who was approched in the street and told to put her 'effing tits' away as she was scaring her children and being peverted!

snafu Sat 11-Jun-05 16:56:59

But that's the point - he could do something about it. He could demand you leave his premises if he thought you were 'upsetting' his other customers etc.

Unlikely, but it could happen, as things stand.

Magscat Sat 11-Jun-05 16:57:01

Fastasleep - I'm horrified about the 'put them away you're scaring the kids' comment. WHat kind of an arse thinks like that?

I know what you mean about expressing though. People at my work place try really hard to be 'adult' about it but there's a fair few who seem to think I should be embarrassed at disappearing into a locked office every lunchtime. We had an away day this week in a hotel & I had to ask for a room to be booked for me at lunchtime. It did feel a bit odd asking the hotel reception for a room for an hour - they asked what I wanted it for!

bonym Sat 11-Jun-05 17:11:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Pinotmum Sat 11-Jun-05 17:12:28

Just signed.

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